The best of CL, forums and other private party used car sites

Post anything you find to help other LHers out

Here’s a steal if it checks out

That’s gotta be a scam


100% scam.

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It is a steal. You show up and they steal your money.


LMAO… i was thinking the catch might be rust/issues but you guys are right.

Anyone else find any good deals on CL or other forums?

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Lol sorry man. Couldn’t resist. You meant well.

I’ve been watching up here. A lot of overpriced crap.

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When people are typing their number in the ad like 54O-l3-C-3PO, that is a dead give away.

I don’t even know what the purpose of these ads are, if I was a scammer, wouldn’t you want it to look legit? Some guy was offering a 1-owner low mileage 2010 land cruiser for 10k. As-if.

There was a time when CL had some decent deals, if you were willing to keep a sharp eye out and move quickly. Now it has become almost entirely frauds or scams - either in the form of curbstoning (i.e. auction junk flipped as ‘lightly used’ by an unlicensed dealer) or outright phishing/theft.

I’ve heard - anecdotally - that Facebook Marketplace, believe it or not, is now a more ‘reputable’ platform for private party deals. I’m skeptical, though.

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They take that photo with an OG Sony Mavica?


Or the kidney :smirk:

Looks like it was taken with a disposable drugstore camera. Then they printed it on a dot matrix and scanned it at like 8 dpi

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Facebook marketplace seems to be slightly better these days, but most people either aren’t serious about selling or are serious about smoking crack. Out of 3 car deals I tried to work through facebook, one was a no-show at the meeting place, one stopped responding when I asked for one lousy pic, and one was successful, but he was a independent dealer of very cheap cars.

Here is a crackhead for ya

Here is something to hold you over till the market corrects.


Baltimore, Columbus, where else is it listed? I’m surprised the miles are that low the way it gets around.

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Fix the misspellings and add a zero in the right place and they would probably do pretty well.

Is the misspelling on purpose? What’s the point?

To not get flag by CL algorithm. Why he’s trying to trick it ? That’s a different question

@Andrew_R and anyone else who knows RX7s, what do you think of this

CL is ok if you get really lucky with finding a listing and immediately jumping on it. Helped a friend get a nice deal on a Camry last year from an 85 year old lady, and he sold it for a decent profit when he upgraded to a new Rav4 a few months later.

Also, I’ve anecdotally heard from friends that they have relationships with salespeople at dealerships, and get first dibs on trade-ins, before it’s listed publicly on the website. Prolly the way to go for more in-demand vehicles.


Here’s a clean 20yr old Taco for $1000. Grab it before its gone :slight_smile:

(20+) Marketplace - 2001 Toyota Tacoma SRT-5 | Facebook

I’d rather drive an Anadol, even with the risk of cows eating the body panels.

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