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lack of pics and details is not encouraging in the least. They don’t even mention which trim it is, which can be hugely important on that generation.

Wasn’t this ad somewhere else on LH and it turns out that it’s fake?

lol. scroll up.

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this is simply fantastic! I’ll add a pic in case someone scoops it up and the ad gets taken down.

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Now THAT is sessy.

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FB RX7 are definitely climbing in value, the danger with the rotary is if it has been sitting the rotors could be locked up and rust can basically destroy the engine. It is most likely a carbureted 12A motor in there. if its completely rust free and it runs good its worth 10k

It’s definitely fake and a scam. I see auto ads all the time on Fakebook w a single pic and a price too good to be true. Usually they are trying to collect email addresses.

If you send a msg to the ad user, you get an immediately response saying to please email some address for more pics. Doesn’t matter what you ask, same exact reply immediately.

Never knew 5MT Tundras existed

For once a car is actually fully loaded

For E39 fans.

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I liked this from the looks of it and the description. Only con was the pre-LCI headlights. Wonder if swapping is easy.

And style 32s since Mpars are so hard to find reasonably these days.

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I like pre-facelift headlights and taillights better. Shouldn’t be difficult to swap, it was a common change back in the day. E39s drive like a boat compared to E34s. I guess that’s the reason why US market loved them.

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Let’s ignore the price and the engine for a moment and enjoy this wagon. :slight_smile:


IDK how much E36 wagons are worth but the 2.0L I6 is a rarity.

A 6-cylinder 320i E30 is arguably the most valuable E30 after an M3.

That’s the 320is engine. This one is the regular Euro M52B20, nothing special about it.

Finally a thread I can act on, been eyeing this as it’s local to me but really wanna save my $ for a Land Rover Build 1995 BMW E36 M3 for $13,000

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Definitely legitimately driven 1100 miles a year, need to get wife a better/safer car.

When I lived in the DC area, with a very modest commute (the longest was 12 mi one way) I used every last one of my 15,000 miles a year on each lease. Do we think this car had its 48 recommended oil changes for the avg 3 miles per day it was driven?


I saw an E60 530 in my neighborhood today and that got me thinking about E39 M5s, they are probably one of my favorites as far as looks.

I still miss my Dad’s E93 manual though, that V8 was amazing

Someone find me a C10, I am in the mood to build a little hotrod for the family to cruise in