Tesla Model Y ---- Lease Transfer ------2021

I have a 2021 Model Y Standard Range and am looking to transfer the lease.

  • White
  • 20ā€ Black Wheels
  • White Interior
  • 9,500 miles (45,000 mile lease)
  • 25 months left
  • $675 monthly lease
  • included mobile charger, sound deadning kit, black rear spoiler, rim protectors, matte center console cover (plastic not vinyl)

located in Miami, FL


Can you send me pictures Iā€™m interested and local

Is there any down payment required? If yes, can you include that in the title along with the monthly payment?

theres some serious equity in this if you can sell it to a dealer somehow, i would try this first
this was 40k-42k msrp

Tesla does not allow 3rd party buyouts or for you to buy it out yourself


derp, there goes that.

he/she should have no problem someone taking over that lease

Model Y Standard Range is a unicorn. Rear wheel drive with only a 244 mile range.

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Probably will get less than that because of the larger wheels

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What is your buy-out amount?

There is no buyout price.


There is if you total it. :smirk:

Which I would rather do than deal with US Bank on a lease return. :grin:


Hey guys sorry for the late reply. I will be posting pictures later today along with more info. I have been busy with work. Thanks for the patience.

Iā€™m very interested, does it have autopilot/fsd and does the price include your taxes?

Iā€™m interested in this my wife needs a car for school starting January, I would be willing to transfer immediately.

Autopilot is standard on all cars. FSD is an add-on to autopilot either via subscription or upfront payment which adds the ability to join the Beta.

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Hi @Casanova8 - I am local and interested in the lease takeover, pics would be great!

I am very interested and am willing to contribute $2500 cash down to this deal.

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Congratulations, you played yourself.


Interested in Miami also! Please send the details 3059886448 thanks!

Sorry for the delay. To answer some of the questions:

  1. Tesla requires $500 lease transfer fee
  2. There is no buy out amount. Tesla did not allow at the time of purchase.
  3. I did not opt in for the FSD but you can with an update from the mobile app.
  4. The price includes FL taxes.

The car is a few months old. I took pictures with my cell phone so sorry for the quality (Also she is very dirty)