Tesla Model Y ---- Lease Transfer ------2021

Interested. PM sent

Located in Miami as well. I am interested. 6319651700. Will start process asap

Hi I am interested. I am moving to Fort Lauderdale in 2 weeks will start transfer process soon
Email - iamtapan@live.com

Just sent you a PM.

Hello everyone sorry for the delay. I was waiting for delivery of the new vehicle before getting rid of the Tesla. I will be messaging everyone in the order I received inquiries. Thanks for the patience.

Okay so I have offers of $2500 for the lease takeover. To make this easier instead of messaging 100 people. If you are interested in this offer please re-message or post on the thread. I will pay for the lease transfer fee Tesla charges ($500) from the $2500. Thanks again

** I am ready to make a deal and can move asap **

If you have offers of $2500 to takeover the lease, why don’t you just accept one and move forward?

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I messaged them late last night and they have not got back to me. The original post and offers were a while back from when I originally posted this and some time has passed since I was waiting for the new car. If they reply the offer will get accepted, if not someone else can take this home. Thanks for the input, are you interested?

Update your original post if you are asking for $2500 now.


How can we make this kind of deal

Either take this deal or get 2 Nissan Frontiers for same price. Decisions, decisions …


I have sent you a few messages in your PM but have not heard back. Are you still looking to transfer the vehicle or no? lol.

OP has been flaky since his original post, don’t take it personal.


OP, please PM me if still available and I will re-open.