Tesla Model Y Lease - Same Car - MI vs. VA

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Yep! Click on marketplace, then your region. I haven’t learned the forum language to link it directly like @max_g does.

Btw, I had an Ariya Platinum trim in VA lined up that I negotiated myself for $350/month, first month DAS, but I blew it up by posting it and the dealer backed off :joy:

I have 0% sales tax in NJ, so take that into account, but you should certainly be able to get some very nice cars at your budget (or even save some!)

Have you consider if ev fits your driving need?

Do you have access to level 2 charging at home? If you don’t, do you have evgo or EA charger nearby?

Do you use it often as roadtrip?

EV is nice n its lease is cheap now, but it’s not for everyone, especially with the current charging infrastructure.

Oh no! The dealer actually found your post somehow?
I was also looking at the model Y long range because we are stationed in VA but are from MI and sometimes we will drive up when visiting our families in MI and I don’t want to be worried about stopping 4-5 times to charge, plus I know the Tesla charging network is extensive and more mature in terms of mapping that into your route planning and navigation. I don’t know that much about others.

No, I told dealer I could help him move units (he was complaining he had like 13-15 left), so I posted his info and his phone blew up :joy: lesson learned

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We do, but we also have a WaWa less than a mile down the street with a bank of Tesla chargers. My husband has a truck (lease) that he uses daily, and would probably use my car, if I got an EV or hybrid, to drive to work 2-3 days a week to save on gas.
I just want a semi-luxury car that isn’t crazy expensive. The leases look good until you see they are factoring 6k down which is just so dumb.

That’s certainly true, without Tesla Superchargers it will be a bit more inconvenient but not impossible.

I know that Polestar is supposed to get Supercharger access this month and is a fantastic lease right now, but the space is quite small in the back, 27 months.

I think it depends on how you drive too - I can’t do more than 2 hrs at a time so taking the Nissan has never been an issue for me, I like to get out and stretch. If you guys are a go as fast and far as you can, then EVs, even Tesla, might not be best for you, go for a hybrid instead.

I really like the Polestar SUVs. Those are sharp. Down another rabbit hole I go…
I don’t mind stopping every so often. In my Volvo, when it was just me driving up to MI ro back down, I would stop once, half-way, to fill back up and use the restroom and grab snacks. It’s easier for me to do that alone lol.

Since you have level2 charger at home and an ice truck, you can add EQB & lexus RZ on your list. Both can be had for $400 monthly. Its range is lower (220 miles). Use the ice truck for roadtrip.

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This is @AutoCompanion’s spreadsheet, I like them the best because of the comprehensive selection of options and very neat list.

Go check out what’s in your budget and desired range. Polestars aren’t SUVs btw, they’re more like model 3 sized, their first SUV is coming soon and is gonna be $$$$$.

Looks like VW ID.4 is a pretty good lease even on the top trims right now, it was actually the first EV I wanted before looking at Mercedes.



Like this Marketplace


Do you think an Inoniq 5 lease could be $3-400 for 36mos/15k?

SE, SEL, Limited? Awd or rwd?

Then it depends on local taxes and rebates

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Yes. Plenty of Ionia 5 deals posted on LH for under $400:a month.

Well, it is looking like Tesla Y is now in my rearview (pun intended). Thank you Leasehackr friends for all of the info and tips, I am continuing my search! I am really looking at Hybrids now because you all are right, pure electric might not make the most sense for me right now.
Anyone have an opinion on the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus Hybrid? Or the G60 or G70 hybrids?

I’ve never seen a good deal on a Lincoln.

All in all, overall-your MI deal is cheaper by roughly $10/mo :+1: even though the monthly is more $$

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XC60 T8 is within your budget.

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I do have employee A/Z pricing. That might help a bit.

I’m giving up. I rather not get a car. I don’t understand the calculator tool, I’ve watched the video, I’ve tried it out A LOT. I’m not even looking at electric or hybrid anymore. Can’t even get a Santa Fe AWD for a decent price.