Benedetto's Midwest Polestar - We Deliver

Hello! Please see my current Polestar offerings below!

As a quick note - I am required to disclose that I am licensed as a car broker by the state of Michigan.

Costco is out! $2000 on the Polestar 2

Please remember that the spreadsheet price(s) do not factor in your Costco rebate

All prices assume the term listed 10k miles and do not include tax, reg/plates, and shipping.

Please submit your inquiry here


Looking forward to seeing these deals!

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Awesome. Absolutely hated the cup holder setup when we rented one recently but I liked the full google interface. I’d have no problem replacing my Tesla Model 3 for one of these.

Will definitely be checking out the sheet when it drops.

Hey it’s me your Mexican cousin
I’ll take one !

I am interested in a polestar and am local to Michigan. What are the polestar deals you currently have?

First thing I want to thank everybody for the inquiries - it’s clear there is significant demand for the available units I can source.

I understand that these deals are very desirable and I’m very excited to offer these.

However, I want to draw some clear boundaries here for those who have aggressively inquired, to say the least.

Just because I have a vehicle posted does not mean you have a right to it.

Please be respectful when waiting for a response or with your communication attempts.

We have a clear process that is explained to you upon sending us an inquiry. If you choose to ignore that or spam us with phone calls or emails, we will choose to not work with you.

Should this continue, I will restrict these to repeat and referred clients.




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The wide majority of brokers on this forum are a joke. If dealership management ran there stores in the same fashion, they would be out of business in 1 year.

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Best of luck on your search!


Brother, you just did the forum equivalent of subtweeting because I didn’t respond to your inquiry.

BTW, the email you replied to, asked you to schedule an appointment to proceed …