Tesla model 3: what are the lease numbers?

I am 6-8 months away from getting my teals model 3 according to the website. I would prefer to lease it. Any thoughts or info on whether this is possible?

I assume you mean a Tesla Model 3? If so update your subject and post.

Also, the community is going to want some more info to help guide you. MSRP, Dealership etc?

BTW, have you contacted the Tesla dealership to discuss if leasing is an option? If so, please share whatever info they provide.

Model 3s aren’t being sold at my local dealer yet, so I don’t know. I am asking the forum if anyone has asked their dealer if the model 3 can be leased or any personal experience of leasing a 3.

As far as I know Tesla hasn’t released any lease numbers on the Model 3. Not sure if they are holding off or are not even offering leasing as an option.

FYI: Tesla sells direct and not through a dealer network. Even the Tesla stores do not actually sell/lease the cars. You purchase/lease the car online via Tesla’s website.

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I’m on the reservation list for a Model 3 (expected delivery estimate Dec '17-Feb '18). Based on all the information I’ve gotten about the Model 3, it seems at least initially there won’t be any option to lease. Tesla also has no dealerships and no negotiating. You pay MSRP just like everyone else. Even employees are paying full price. The employees that are taking delivery of the car currently are reporting an interest rate of 2.74% for financing the purchase. The “discount” will be in the form of tax credits if you qualify for it and get the car before the tax credit will go away.

I remember Musk replying once to a request for a discount by offering the same friends and family price that he pays for his cars. MSRP.

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Try this one as well. Should lease well :slight_smile:

Mercedes Opens Reservations For Its 300 Mile All-Electric EQ Compact SUV


LoL. That’s clever. I know i’ve heard the first person to take delivery of each car released by Tesla is the first board member willing to slap a check on the table of the full MSRP price of the car. Musk was actually not supposed to receive the first Model 3, but the board member that was supposed to get it, gifted it to Musk for his birthday.

wow, and I thought my $1k reservation for the Model 3 put a lot of trust in a company! $2500 reservation for a concept car scheduled to come out in 2019 is quite a bit! I love that it’s an SUV, but they anticipate a real world range of 220 miles. I’m guessing the release date will be towards the end of 2019. That means a 2+ year wait time when many companies will be releasing their own electric vehicles. It’s also anticipated to compete with the Model Y that’s supposed to come out around that time.

My model 3 thread was closed, so I guess I’ll mention it here. I took delivery! :stuck_out_tongue:

To all you Tesla haters, it’s the best car I’ve ever driven! Perfect car!

As for the topic of this thread… no there are no lease numbers. The model 3 is available for purchase only and well worth it! I did however get a great interest rate from my local credit union of 2% for 72 months. Still by far the most I’ve ever spent on a car, but I think it’s worth it. I still qualify for the $7500 federal tax credit, $2500 CA rebate and $50-200 from SDG&E, so the car isn’t cheap, but that makes it more manageable.


Congrats!! Pictures?

Thanks!! :slight_smile:


Congrats! Those credits and rebates turn a $35k Tesla into a $25k Tesla. Not bad!

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Congrats, finally! And you also broke @vhooloo’s crystal balls (or whatever left of them).
@dukez his Tesla is 50k+, probably :grin:


There is no such thing as $35k Tesla they are like $50k. $35k is marketing gimmick.

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Congrats ng0. Hope it is perfect and you get many years of happy motoring out of it.

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FYI, there are a few third party companies leasing the Model 3, but they do not look good. Lease payments are higher than they should be, and the Model 3s are not discounted at this point.

When are any Teslas ever discounted (besides showroom demos)?

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What CC in SD is doing that rate my Tesla due in end of this month.