Tesla Model 3 wait times slashed


I’ve driven the model S. They are very nice cars. But for 45k starting price, the interior is very very plain.



I don’t see a problem. Set up a tent in the home depot/walmart parking lot and call it the Tesla express delivery experience :slight_smile: After all, the car was made in one …


Better yet - Walmart online order pickup.


Walmart is so 90s. All the cool kids shop Amazon now.


A pretty good synopsis of the first 3 quarters of the year…1 more quarter to go!


Tesla is desperate. They are resorting to recruiting free help from owners to help get cars delivered and offering incentives on cars supposedly so much in demand they can’t make enough of them. Lol


There isn’t a single car on the road today (or will be ever, for that matter) that I’m going to volunteer to sell/deliver for the millionaire CEO, let alone the billionaire owner.

This makes absolutely no sense…except to the fanbois I guess.


More lies from Elon. Trailer companies go “HUH?” after reading Musk said there was a shortage of trailers to haul all those Model 3’s to delivery centers.


Just more excuses to cover up the fact that they can’t maintain the production rate they have been advertising.


Or that he isn’t going to hit his goal for the quarter. I’m waiting to see him air drop them with a parachute next.


Man still salty, especially from non stakeholders. :thinking:



It’s good to see he’s toned down the rhetoric :thinking:




Why would they release info that their car doesn’t go as far as advertised, and that the Ioniq is actually the better car based on MPKwH (not taking real range into consideration due to battery differences)?


Did you read the article or I’m missing something in your question?

The Tesla Model S 75D - the car with the fourth longest range between charges - has a real range of 204 miles, which is 100 miles shorter than Tesla advertises on its website, according to the old NEDC test cycle.

Arguably a more realistic range figure would be produced under the latest WLTP test standards, but Tesla is still knowingly telling potential customers that this particular car can cover 304 miles between charges.


Yeah, I read it…I misread the title of the report when i clicked on it and thought it said “Tesla reveals how far…,” not “Test reveals how far…” My comment was in reference to the perceived title and your chart, before I dove into it.


They also sell a Model 3 Long Range with an advertised 310 miles that in the real world gets 330.


Says who?..