Tesla Model 3 wait times slashed


Musk promised a ton of things that haven’t come to fruition yet, or on time. Take those “promises” with a grain of salt (although I know you know that :slight_smile: )

I wonder how insurance is going to handle that claim. I would assume the driver would be at fault, even though the driver was the car. It would be interesting to hear how that works.

Edit: Reading through that tweet, the fanbois are out in full force claiming it’s impossible for this to happen lol.


Elon would tell you it was garage’s fault. hahahaha


We were having brunch at a local cafe and a guy summoned his Model X (he was not inside the car), if this happened, he could’ve easily injured the people sitting at the patio tables. The guy was clearly just showing off because he could’ve easily back the car out himself.


Disclaimer. Not having stock or position in tesla. 1st time test drove model 3 today - great acceleration (base 49k model) , autopilot feature is nice and bit scary, materials and interior is modernistic, but not all will like it.


I thought the base was $35k, I’m confused


I think This will be available after Jan 1 2019 - for now, I understand this is due to federal tax credit.


There hasn’t been any mention of the $35k base Tesla in months. The tax credit has absolutely nothing to do with it.


Another one gone, another one gone, and another one bites the dust…



For all the (often valid) criticisms, I think Tesla deserves credit as far as pushing safety forward.

The side-pole test looks great. Injury probability ratings aren’t out yet, but could end up the safest car ever tested.


For a company like Tesla, a supply chain exec might be a more significant loss than some of the so-called C-level people who have left recently. And much harder to replace…


Mass exodus hell


It’s not the crash that gets you, it’s the fire that you can’t put out.


10x less likely to catch on fire than a gas car in event of an accident. I’ll take those odds.




Im from Cincinnati and I’ve seen so many Model 3s it’s insane. It’s a nice car but for $50k, I’ll take any luxury car over it. Also looks really odd in person.


Not sure if you can still get the 7500 federal rebate. I like the car except the iPad dash is a deal breaker for me.


I read that $35K model 3 comes with smaller battery pack. Hmmm. I wonder if it’s going to be 40-50 KW. Funny how all the Tesla fanboys joke about competitors pushing out low battery pack EVs, then I heard this news. Hahahaha…,even gigafaftory can’t make miracles.


…the standard range option is exptected to get more range than the Audi e-TRON, just for sake of example. And they intentionally understated the long range’s range as not to eat cannabize S. Nothing wrong with segmenting/options.


Let’s wait and see


let me guess, you haven’t driven it?