Tesla Model 3 wait times slashed


One such chart here, and this has been verified in the real world by many owners.


Right, one out of 18 Model 3 variants beat advertised by 22 miles. Awesome.



What is the delivery time like for new Tesla 3 mid-range order (I got the email from Tesla to order my car)


18 variants? Are you being willingly obtuse or do you really not understand that things like optional larger wheels aren’t a “variant” and will obviously reduce efficiency in any vehicle, whether gas or electric?

I admit it’s hard to tell sometimes with the EV/Tesla hater types.


Not even remotely. 3 series has a nicer interior than any and all telsas.


End of the year delivery.


:roll_eyes: :grin:


Who didn’t see this coming?

At least it didn’t crash…this time.


Friend of a friend was found unresponsive in his model S after coming back from work (later diagnosed with a blood infection)…I’m wondering when it’s OK to ask if he parked himself or the car did


Last time I fell asleep and hit a tree, I didn’t make it into the news…


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That story was reported elsewhere to be he WAS drunk driving and when he saw the cop he tried putting it in autopilot and pretend he was asleep. I will look for a link but I think it was on reddit so probably a lost cause.