Tesla Model 3 wait times slashed


It needs to be turned into an all-time meme.


Tesla’s inability to hold onto mid level and high level leadership is a troubling sign that things aren’t going very well. They’ve lost around 64 mid/high executives in the last year alone, including the chief accounting officer, the head of HR, the chief information officer, a senior project manager for the battery supply chain, and the system leads for both architecture and design on Autopilot.

To quote the Verge: Tesla is competing for the best people. If the company can’t hire and keep those people, it’s going to lose out to competitors that can. Beyond that, these people know Tesla better than anyone. If they’re heading for the exits, it suggests they think the future will be brighter somewhere else.


He didn’t inhale… :slight_smile:


For the benefit of many who aren’t old enough to understand what @ursus is referring to…


Wow…I didn’t realize it dropped as much as it has so far today…Guess I should’ve paid closer attention to the chart above…



“Well, that depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.”

I miss that guy.


Elon is probably on crack with all of his crazy talk. Oh wait, he is!



In fairness these aren’t exactly C-level positions


I like all the assumptions that he knows what he’s doing, I think he’s an arrogant tool


The toke seen around the world may have cost him more than a few bucks in stock value…


That’s two c-level positions? Or am I missing the joke?


An opinion piece on GM vs Tesla, but some points to think about in comparing the 2…


Just because you put Chief in front of something doesn’t make it an actual C-level position. The head of accounting could potentially have a comptroller or treasurer above him/her, above which is the CFO (a true C-level position).


I guess I was being generous with the c-level label, since I think it can dip into the higher rungs of upper management. But didn’t the current CFO also leave back in 2015? I wonder why he came back (or why the replacement CFO left).

Regardless I still believe high turnover, especially when it comes to such a high profile company that won’t skimp on salaries, is a troubling sign.


There’s a reason why GM’s PE is around 6 so I don’t think they are exactly killing it. This past weekend on the way home I drove by the Tesla’s factory, cars were just sitting on trucks parked everywhere (on the street). I don’t think even GM were ever this dis-organized.


@DanCar where are you to set us straight, I feel lost…:disappointed_relieved:


GM has 10,000+ dealers to ship their cars to. Tesla…doesn’t.

They were having a “delivery experience” last weekend to try to clear all the cars sitting around.


I think Elon was really hoping that Tesla cars would roll off the production line and do the autonomous self driving to owners. Of course, all the Tesla fans wouldn’t care about self-driven mileage. Hahaha.


Musk did promise that by this point a car would be able to be “summoned” and drive by itself across the country.

Maybe he was expecting to be able to “summon” the cars right to the buyers? But even then the summon feature can’t get the car out of a garage so maybe it’s not worth trusting: