Tesla Model 3 wait times slashed


Also makes you wonder how much truth there was in those Azealia Banks tweets after all. Between this and his own admitted penchant for Ambien, it seems more and more likely she wasn’t BSing.


CNBC reporting Tesla’s HR chief is OUT as well. Damn, the USS Elon is taking on water quick!


The chief accounting officer just resigned after a little more than a month too…


I think the fanbois also jumped ship, they’ve gone silent


Looks like delivery + Quality control are still not up to par…



I think he is trying to devalue the stock as much as he can before taking the company private. At this rate stockholders will be happy to sell at $200 in a few months…


That’s an interesting observation. Can you elaborate on those thoughts some more?


oh wow, I had no idea that a '$30k’ model 3 could stretch as far as $90k! that’s crazy.


more manipulation, albeit hard to prove. He does some really dumb shit, but he’s no dummy. This could be plausible.

Edit: Max_G does put up a valid point below I didn’t think of.


Doesn’t make much sense when you own a chunk of that stock


That 35k car is vaporware.


But then you take it private and make up for the paper losses.





If he thinks the company will eventually fix mass production issues and become profitable then it is a risk worth taking. He wants to retain control so probably doesn’t want to sell his stocks any time soon.

Pure speculation but if he had an investor (Saudis?) lined up willing to pay $420 stock to take the company private and if he can help them to buy at $210 stock there will be a nice profit to share, which the investor might pay in form of larger stake to Elon in the private entity. Just thinking out loud…


If he wanted to get the price to 210, he should have done a line of coke on the podcast instead of a puff of pot! That would have worked really well …


Because nothing happens in a vacuum. If the stock falls that far that fast (and mostly because everyone is losing confidence in the company/CEO rather than any external economic shock), then either existing shareholders, activist investors or hostile acquirers will fire that CEO.


I don’t know maybe it is already mission accomplished and he is still the CEO. Look at the stock price from the day he tweeted about taking the company private until today:


Elon Musk thinks we are all plugged into the Matrix. I mean FFS


That pic of him is legendary.