Tesla Model 3 wait times slashed


The most innovative, fastest growing, most valuable car company in the world? Yeah how terrible.


Long hard hours and mediocre compensation usually don’t attract great talent or at least it won’t be sustainable.





Yup, I completely agree.


I’m not sure I believe her, as she’s apparently a known shit starter…but this would be quite legendary if true


Omarosa vs. President, Part Due


I can confirm @jananth1’s statement is true. I have a friend working as a system engineer for SpaceX and the pay is definitely not on par with the major players out there .i.e. Google, Apple, Amazon, MS, or AT&T


He trying to avoid a SEC charge. Tesla may be the company that bursts the tech bubble. Tesla cars produced in this time period will have major issues. Also the tax credit is almost expiring.

He wants to go private to avoid pressure and needs a cash cow so he can continue to burn money.

Also I think he enjoys being a celebrity. Jeff Bezos is a businessman


Ask your SpaceX friend what his total compensation (including stock options/award) is, not just direct pay…


They’re still lower compared to the others previously mentioned.


Saudi sovereign fund taking a big share of Tesla is a major issue IMO. Saudi royal money funds the spread of radical Islam, and giving the Saudis a post-petroleum lifeline - and possibly worse, the best chance of owning the post-petro future with a vertically integrated energy company — is not in the interest of the civilized world.


There’s also some irony involved. Tesla’s mission statement is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Yet, Musk is ok with using Oil money to attempt it.


Where’s @DanCar to set us straight, he’ll put the appropriate spin on this.


He’s praying to his almighty…


Speaking from direct, first hand experience, I would disagree with that statement. I would also note that the base salary is very similar between all states, so the base is actually (slightly) above market in FL and TX while being below market in CA.

On the stock note, the amount has changed as the company has become more valuable, but engineers are still getting a significant bonus from stock, which is now in awards instead of options, so no money out of pocket or ridiculous tax consequences (just normal income) when you exercise them.


I don’t know if it is different for engineers, as I’m in marketing, but my time at G, FB, and AMZ were all significantly more in total comp than what I discussed with people at Tesla, including an exec recruiter. Maybe things have changed, as that convo was about a year ago at this point.


Meant to add: Apple should buy Tesla. They complement each other. Apple is lost on vision and product after Jobs’ death and Elon’s a disruptive idea machine who can fill that gap. Elon needs the endless capital that Apple can provide to make his visions into reality. Tim Cook and company can help Tesla with production and optimization. Apple wants to make a car, etc.


It is different for engineers, at least at SpaceX. The non-engineer types got literally 10% of the stock grant of engineers.


It probably also differs among types of engineers. In software engineering, at least, there’s a big disparity between pay from Google or Amazon, for example, vs Tesla.