Tesla Model 3 wait times slashed


Your experience is significantly different than mine.


If Apple wanted to buy Tesla they would have already done it. Same for Google. They see what’s going on and are giving the company a hard pass.

Also what’s up with the very thinly veiled fear post about Islam? Scared of the boogey man too?


Not sure what you are getting at. I have nothing against Islam. I have a problem with the Saudis funding a radical version of Islam that supports terrorism. Is that too hard for you to understand?


I’d get too off topic for the off-ramp by going on that tangent about the complexities Islam and Saudi Arabia’s role in the influence of conservative Islam, but I find it hard to believe that Saudi Arabia gaining some sort of role in Telsa would be a threat ‘to the civilized world.’


I’d assume he’s just thinking that more income for the Saudis means more funding for radicals.




you missed my post above lol…


Saudis + Tesla + Autopilot = :interrobang:

What could go wrong?



Basically 202020202020


SEC Subpoena and the board has lawyered up.



Third lawsuit…it sure would be nice if an established player could take this off his hands and continue forward without all his disruptions…


Funny how certain people are a little scarce on this thread now.


Well, someone might have been banned.


If you’re referring to the fanboy, I don’t think he was banned. He liked one of the crystal balls comments about Saudi women driving. Unless you know something us peons don’t that is.


In the “news that isn’t news,” Tesla is trying to get Elon Musk to stop tweeting. Scary parallels between Musk and Trump.

Bottom of the article had some tidbits about the two firms that Musk has stated would help with the privatization of Telsa:

Late Monday, Mr. Musk was back on Twitter. He posted a message that he is “excited to work with Silver Lake and Goldman Sachs” as financial advisers on his proposal to privatize Tesla. But neither Goldman nor Silver Lake — a private-equity firm focused on technology investments — had actually signed on with Tesla or Mr. Musk to play those roles, according to people familiar with the matter. On Tuesday, Goldman was in talks with Tesla about a possible role, but had not finalized anything. Silver Lake, meanwhile, is interested in investing in any going-private deal, but it isn’t acting in a paid advisory capacity.

Musk is really just making up as he goes along now.


Maybe that story about him tweeting on acid isn’t so crazy after all.


I know nothing…


This is what happens when you tweet while tripping on acid…