Tesla Model 3 wait times slashed



According to Road and Track, you get about 3 laps before the car starts limiting output to protect itself. Remind me why the M3 is a worse track car?


0-60 in 3.3 seconds, compared to M3 at 3.7 seconds, so slow.


And the M3 catches up here.


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I guess the Saudis want a monopoly on the car industry. Either you use Saudi Oil for your ICE or you buy a Tesla from them (soon to be Saudi owned private company)?


Does the energy minister then become CEO…


Will women no longer be allowed to drive Teslas? Oh I forgot, the Saudis just recently lifted that ban …


Elon Musk Hands Tesla’s Wheel to Saudi Arabia
He just gave the world’s biggest oil producer dangerous leverage over his electric-car maker.



Dude gets his new Model 3, rear bumper falls off after a rainstorm. If slashing wait times means such poor QA, maybe it wasn’t worth it to start building the cars in tents.

Not just a one-off either:

Keeping body panels on a vehicle during bad weather is a problem that’s been solved by the automotive industry for years. Dunno why Tesla can’t do it.


That’s brutal. You must be a shill. 2020202020


Remember when it was reported Tesla build quality wasn’t bad…


Even worse than bad build quality…you can’t find the parts to fix the problem.





Thank God the Saudis will bring their deep manufacturing expertise and experience to the table


I missed your wit. Did you turn in your CC?


Yes CC is out of the driveway. Nice car but the closest the dealer came was $300 a month on a loaner S60 inscription as replacement … So no more S60 for me :frowning:


I feel bad for the people who work there. Presumably good people with a motivation to make a game-changing product. But they surely don’t want this circus overhanging their careers.


It’s pretty well known in the tech industry that Tesla and SpaceX have long hard hours for the engineers, with mediocre compensation. Still, they continue to attract bright talent simply on the merit of their innovative products.