Tesla Model 3/ Model Y Lease Reductions for Leasehackrs!

What other EVs can you get for under $450/month that make this “very expensive”? (Genuinely would like to know) It looks like only the base ioniqs are possibly less than that? And maybe Bolt? But the Bolt is a straight up econobox. FWD, no dynamics whatsoever. If you just need a point A to point B car with decent tech, it’s not a bad option.

Also…out of curiosity, do you get the NJ rebate on leases too? If you did…would you be at $500 down +$329/month?

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It depends. It was great during 2020-2022 as they were raising prices like crazy. This year has been a resale disaster for most people


I see. For my NJ zip code, it is $5868 DAS + $337/mo, so $500 effective.
If I get $4000 NJ EV incentives, and $7500 federal, then it is $500 - ($4000 + 7500) / 36 = $180.55 effective??

NJ EV $4000 can be applied to lease ( as I know and as I checked their website). I haven’t figure out a way to bypass the $7500 federal restriction.

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If you lease, there is no $7500 for Tesla because they don’t pass it through to the customer

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I wonder if that will change come January 1, 2024; since at that time a purchased-Tesla is supposed to drop to the $3,750 federal rebate level. But a leased-Tesla would is supposed to still qualify for $7,500 due to the weird loopholes.

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Which vehicle is this for? Y? 3?

Model 3 RWD

Visited tesla for demo drive and spoke with few tesla people, all of them said that they are adding the 7500 credit to lower the down payment but I don’t see that anywhere. And when I calculate Model Y total least cost,

Downpayment 4500

Term 36

Annual Miles 10000

Include Est. Taxes and Fees

Lease Payment $540 /mo

Vehicle Price $49,490
Destination Fee $1,390
Order Fee $250
Acquisition Fee $695
Disposition Fee** $395
Est. Non-Tesla Fees
Registration Amount $297
License Fee $331
Electronic Reg/Title Filing Fee $33
Tire Fee $7
Up Front Tax $1,190
Est. Due at Signing $7,593
Est. 3-year gas savings -$3,600
Trade-in Value Get an Estimate

Lease After Probable Savings $440 /mo

*Due at signing amount includes your selected downpayment ($4,500), first month’s payment ($494), and acquisition fee ($695).

**Lease vehicles are subject to a $395 disposition fee on return.

Total cos: 26888.00 for 36 months.

Man it’s like they’re not even trying. They can at least say that they’re padding the rv with the $7500 or lowering the mf or something. But Tesla is not passing the $7500 as a lease incentive to the customer.

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I asked the residual value, and the answer was they don’t know exactly as the price fluctuating but its around 30K

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For a model 3 RWD in NJ it will be $337 a month with $1858 due at signing for 36/10. The $4000 NJ rebate comes off the top to get that amount. The NJ rebate is only applicable on 36 month leases.

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This is what they are offering me…

What are y’all thoughts ?

That’s not bad sheesh too bad Tesla doesn’t give you a way out though

But Assuming you qualify for $7500 credit couldn’t you own the car outright for ~$10k more after 3yrs?

Though I guess you’d have to factor in loan interest (or loss of savings acct interest,etc)


That is an excellent point!

Are the teslas still not eligible for purchase post lease?

3’s and Y’s are not.

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The sweet spot on these is the 24 month lease. Drops the payment by like $100 a month, and in two years the new Y will be out anyway. Two years is a long time in EV land.

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Dont you need to have a least 30 months lease to qualify for Fed’s 7.5K rebate during tax time?