Tesla goes 30 miles with driver asleep at the wheel

I haven’t watched the video yet, but yikes, yikes, yikes.

I would trust a Tesla on Autopilot more than I would trust the average driver, but this is risky for the driver of the Tesla.

This moron is shooting for a Darwin Award.

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Perhaps a related question. What’s better? A sleepy driver who starts driving? Or a Tesla driving a sleeping driver?

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wonder if they could program car to measure heart rate, other factors when deciding to continue driving or to pull off road and call for emergency services to render aid.

For other drivers on the road, the latter.

Also, keep in mind how dangerous it is for somebody to fall asleep behind the wheel in a car that doesn’t have Autopilot. In that regard it’s also safer for the driver: you’d be better off inadvertently falling asleep in a Tesla than you would in any other car.

I think this speaks to the value of Tesla’s AP/FSD platforms. We are in the 21st century, after all. Perhaps we should be looking at the fact that humans are capable of negligent if not reckless decisions. If the tech is there, why not take the steering wheel out of the potentially negligent/reckless driver? And extol it from a tech perspective?

Right. Subaru already has it: it monitors drivers eyes and all for $30k


That’s coming, but the tech isn’t at the point that cars can be sold without steering wheels. Tesla will start doing it within about three years.

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I assume it also depends on how most crashes that are related to driver fatigue occur. Is one more likely to fall asleep on a quiet (e.g., less trafficked) road driving at lower speed? The Autopilot allows you to maintain a high speed, and crash forces increase exponentially (I think) as speed increase. So maybe sleepy w/o Autopilot is better b/c you a crash will occur at lower speed?

B/c I assume there’s not evidence to suggest that a potentially negligent/reckless driver is more dangerous than Autopilot?

And b/c, if tech as advertised as correcting human negligence, does that encourage humans to be even more negligent than usual? (esp since the standards for obtaining a driver’s license in this country are very, VERY low)

I assume the capacitative buttons on some steering wheels could be programmed to measure HR, too…

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I agree but the snarky answer was that ppl want to short Tesla/Elon. :man_shrugging:

Alternative headline: driver falls asleep at the wheel, car doesn’t crash.

That being said, this driver had apparently rigged the car with a wheel weight to override autopilot safety features. for that reason, he should be charged with reckless driving (or similar offense) and lose his license.


Most stories I’ve heard are of people falling asleep on the highway. Highway hypnosis is dangerous, and cruise control makes drivers less engaged. Autopilot is perfect for this use, as the alternative is crashing into a tree or rear-ending the cars in front — both of which are prevented if Autopilot is engaged. There is a risk of the technology not recognizing a stationary truck (cars are fine) but that is mostly by design so it doesn’t brake when it isn’t supposed to. Still a design flaw that should be fixed soon.

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Right, if he didn’t put a weight on his steering wheel the car would have alerted him multiple times then safely pulled over to the shoulder if he didn’t respond.


Amazing how many articles talk about AP but fail to investigate how it actually works.

I love the Tesla honks that glow about autopilot, obviously a horrible misleading name, but exactly what I’d expect from this brand. They should read up a little about where Tesla ranks in autonomous technology versus other manufacturers.

Oh, do tell…
And don’t tell me about cars that will be on the road next whatever…give me something i can drive today…I’ll wait.

Well, since you’re implying that you know, why don’t you tell us?

Not implying anything, I actually wanna test one that’s better…so my question was honest, if anyone knows one I wanna see it. Google and Chevy have promising systems but who knows when we will see them on the roads or how good they actually are.

Since we’re nowhere near level 5, regardless of what your overlord has you believing, here’s a pretty good read on where they rank:

But go ahead, since you want it now, trust your life in autopilot.