Tesla bankruptcy?

That would be both scary and sad.

Would it be a successful BK like GM?

Are they having their apple y2k near death moment?

Will they need to re-organize like American Airlines?

Who would or could bail them out?

Will existing Model 3 owners see their cars go up in value as they halt production?

Let us know…

Geely, if our president doesn’t get involved.

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Wait, aren’t you usually the one with the crystal ball?

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The fanbois don’t think it’s a big deal. They will bounce back and reign supreme of all things BEV.

Maybe a Ch 11 363 filing like GM did, and spin whatever assets they have into a new company. I’m no lawyer though, and don’t know if that would be possible. I’d imagine a lot of folks who ponied up a grand + for a new car might get a little heated.

What? You trying to tell me GM isn’t just thriving now?


Not feeling it - so gonna crowdsource it instead

No need to say anything here

I think the plan all along was for Elon to get someone to buy them. All the chatter about Apple getting into the car business, or an established automaker looking to Jumpstart their EV business… Wouldn’t it make sense?

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Even Tesla admits they will need more cash in the short term. They are only in trouble if banks and investors decide to turn off the money flow. The downgrade by Moody’s is going to mean they will have to pay more interest on borrowed money going forward. I don’t know how their current debt is structured and whether they will have to re-finance any major portion soon. The need to re-fi was what killed Toys-R-Us for example.

My wild-ass guess is that they are safe this year. But positionally Musk is really gambling the company on the Model 3. They need volume sales on that car to get past this hump.

If they do go into bankruptcy I would not be surprised to see someone try a take over to get the name. Certainly if they totally implode there are a bunch of pieces there that someone will want. The Tesla name will certainly live on in some form.

very few teslas are on the road. they should have introduced an affordable model long before their expensive model…would have given them sales for further funding.

self driving cars are a gimmick. goodluck getting people in the city to trust a driverless car to not run them over. AI is also a gimmick - they want to make it seem like AI can gain this omnipotent presence on its own. False, probably to further fund the tech bubble.

competitors are coming out with more affordable and better options than teslas, which I think are overpriced and bland.

Lastly, EVs are not realistic and are more like toys. I don’t believe we will run out of oil anytime soon, despite any propaganda you may hear. There is a tremendous amount of oil reserves in the Earth.

batteries are far more destructive to the environment than oil.

people don’t want to be hampered with short distance travel. good luck storing an extraordinary amount of energy in a battery - very unsafe. only realistic option would be to have a swappable battery at every gas station, much like a propane tank service. This will be very costly and will require the manufacturer to provide batteries for a vehicle’s entire lifespan.


BK is good.
Wipe out all shareholders and unsecured debt, negotiate repayment on the other.
Take the time to rebuild the production line, get Model 3 to 5k a week prod rate and then emerge from BK.
Worked for GM, worked for American, BK is here to help :slight_smile:

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Double whammy - B3 downgrade by Moody’s and falling share price. Means borrowing gets harder and harder. Debt maturity in 120 days is also looming. They either need to refi or borrow to pay (rollover).

Actually Tesla is in the shoes of a person who leased a 40k BMW for 600 a month and is way over mileage and just had their credit dinged and is getting their hours cut at work :slight_smile:


The problem with a bk for Tesla is that Musk would likely stay, and he’s the cause of their success and the failure we’re seeing play out.

He’s a great innovator and a terrible leader/manager. His ego won’t allow him to acknowledge boneheaded decisions he’s made and as a result, he keeps making the same mistakes over and over.

It’s not a well run company and we keep seeing that with the shoddy build quality, shutting down the manufacturing line and essentially hand building what was supposed to be a mass production car.

Building cars ain’t easy. It’s harder when you keep shooting your own legs off.


They aren’t a true car manufacturer. They are a tech company that happens to build cars.

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Just FYI, all your points on EV cars are about 10 years behind.


Do you believe earth is flat too?


I’m not an electric car superfan at this point yet, for a couple reasons. With that said, even I don’t agree with anything you’ve said, with the exception of how many Tesla’s are on the road, in the grand scheme of car sales. They do quite well out in CA, however.

How so…look at the data. Most carbon emission in the US originates from coal burning power plants (depending on the state). In some states, a gas vehicle can have a smaller carbon footprint compared to an EV.

Recycling old batteries is still problematic because little effort is being put into solving this toxic waste problem.

Want to take a 1,000 mile road trip? Have fun waiting to recharge your vehicle.
Imagine what a disaster it would be in every car in the US was an EV…imagine the disaster of all these cars trying to recharge. Imagine the enormous amount of battery waste that will accumulate. What about mining for lithium (not even considering geopolitical aspects of increased demand)?

Do you understand the economic impact this will have on the taxi and trucking industry? Imagine all the lost time\income due to constantly having to recharge?

I am not sure if all of you here are brainwashed into not seeing facts.

Focus should be put on fuel efficiency versus replacing it with a system that is just as bad or even worse.

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Dude never heard of a supercharger.

Imagine a city full of ICE, then compare that city full of EV, breath in and tell me the difference.