Tesla and other EV News

I’m well aware of people’s opinions of Tesla and what I have to say to this is ‘different strokes for different folks’.

Now, back to the fun part! I’m really excited to see the Model S Plaid!

0-60mph: <2sec
Tri Motor AWD
520+mi of range
<9 sec 1/4mi
Fastest 0/60 and 1/4mi time than any other production car on the road

With stats like this, both the Performance Taycan and Performance Lucid Air are more expensive than the Model S Plaid. Plus, they are still coming out with the Roadster which is supposed to be even faster the Model S Plaid.
I am hopeful with Tesla completely redesigning their batteries, bringing cost per kWh down by more 50% (leads to cheaper car), and Model Y casting leading to speeding production and built error that this will regain lost trust in Tesla.

One thing I wished they talked about was Tesla Service.




Thought the fun part was SEC fine level takeover rumors on Twitter, or idiots that keep bumping Tesla’s value.

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Same, but only in its native habitat

In all seriousness: an 8 year old body-style with a 4+ year old nose job is getting to be stale bread, especially at those prices.

It still looks pretty cool I won’t lie, but I’m tired of looking at it.

Opens the flood gates

I knew it wouldn’t take long for the articles to come in.

You know, I remember when people thought electric vehicles were never gonna be a thing. Everyone said it: Ford, Chevy, Toyota, etc. but they are all now on the board but can’t seem to put one on the road. As for Elon and SEC, well I guess time will tell. TSLA is the most valuable car company by capitalization in the world right now and they will only go up. As it goes for the app network outage, don’t they say keep the card key in case stuff like this happens? And on the note of Model S Plaid breaking down, from what I remember that was a prototype from last year. Manufactures do this all the time with their prototypes- they simply push the car to it’s limit to learn and better the car.

They also say to keep hands on the steering wheel when on “auto”-pilot, and yet…

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Well I guess that says a lot more about people than Tesla.

I mean I get you guys are definitely not fans Tesla and I’m really not trying to make excuses for the company.

But I am not going to deny the impact Tesla has made on the perception of EVs and car technology.

Now, I’m curious to see what they have in store for this 25k car they teased and upcoming Cybertruck. My friend saw them testing the truck out in L.A and he said it’s massive and unreal.

For all the “Battery Day” fanfare, they got absolutely abused in the market today: 3x worse than Carvana (As PlainSite calls it, an “Unprofitable, Convicted Felon-run Enterprise (CFRE)”), 5-10x worse than any other car company, and 2-5x worse than tech companies.

But they’re “aiming to be the best at manufacturing of any company on Earth”. Until then, I think the dirt-collector is an underrated feature.

“Lucid Motors is expected to unveil a tri-motor version of the Air, with two electric motors in the rear and total peak output of 1,300 horsepower (over 950 kW) or so. This particular version, promised for “late 2021,” could go head to head with the Plaid Model S or even beat it.”

Source: https://insideevs.com/news/445332/tesla-model-s-plaid-vs-lucid-air/

The Model S design is outdated. The inferior interior quality of Teslas has been well documented. If I had 6 figures to spend on an EV, I would go with the 1300hp Lucid Air.

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Look out, I don’t think Ford is messing around, the F150 looks legit and won’t cater to just the premium end of the market, also the Mustang Mach E ain’t messing around either. GM has a ton of models in the pipe, the Tesla monopoly won’t be around in 5 years

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The ID.4 is getting a ton of press, more than I expected


Thats true. Tesla is taking a hit at its stocks but the whole market is right now

My point being Tesla was once worth $209b when they topped other car companies in value. Almost a month later, $279b and to put things into perspective that more than 4x the combined value of GM and Ford. I don’t know where they are today. Don’t forget—Tesla is a tech company before a car company. I honestly surprised they loop them all together.

You pay a $189,000+ for a car slower than the Plaid Model S and the company is in its first year of producing a car?

Aye! I’m down with it. I’m hearing noise about this EV Hummer that’s suppose to unveil soon. But I’ll believe it when I see it!

I personally think that the Model S still looks modern & has a much nicer exterior than the Lucid Air. The plaid version is just stupid so hopefully they let people test drive it :grin:

Man all these new EVs need to hurry the hell up and come out and take my money before Tesla gets it :wink: Nevermind waiting two or three more years I’m ready now


First off, the most expensive Lucid Air starts at $169,000 and not $189,000. Second, the 1080 hp Air is indeed slower that the Plaid, doing 0 to 60 mph in 2.5sec. Third, numbers for the upcoming 1300 hp Lucid have yet to be released.

I will say it again, if I had 6 figures to spend on an EV, it would not be a Tesla. Have you bothered checking out interior pictures/videos of the Lucid Air? It blows the Tesla out of the water. So YES, I will be comfortable spending that much on a first year production car.

Google “Atieva battery pack”.

Still has a worse interior than a Ford.
Also was there someone out there saying the P100D was just too slow?

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Lmao Tesla forums called it, car is too fast and who needs that much range. I’m all for competition, free market economy.