Temporarily Taking Down SIGNED! Contracts

Yes. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Am a super supporter with my primary group set up as super supporter and still can’t access signed contracts… any suggestion… it almost appears as when I get onto the forum I can see me as logged in but when I switch to signed it log off’s… Any suggestions would be super appreciated

Solved - clear cookies. Appreciate the group.


Hi, I’m a super supporter and I can’t see signed contracts.

How do I fix it?

Did you access the database through the feather?

FYI – we have just opened up the contract access to Supporters as well.

Thank you!


logged out cleared cookies and cache and logged back in. i still don’t see the feather. i was able to find the setting under preferences → account in case anyone is trying to find it and having trouble.

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Have you done all of the suggestions that have been mentioned above?

Hello everyone I am having the same issue no feather and tried everything solution mentioned here through my phone not in a pc yet… also when i access via preferences settings, I cant change my primary group only my option is Supporter and no more…

Anybody can help me?

I can’t access either. @littleviolette surely it can be made easier?

I believe this should be removed. Person posted a dealer sheet and not a contract.

This person posted their info uncensored. Might want to take this down.

It’s a fake believe. the username @ doesn’t work

Yeah, but on cursory look the contract & according to reverse search the name are real. I have enough of a social life that I don’t want to dox people on the internet.


There should be a option where we can report or flag signed post :thinking:

There is!

Alternatively, you can request the post to be taken down by clicking “make changes” and leave a comment. We will update that language soon.

Thank you all!

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You are right! It should be easier.

I added access authorization to the SIGNED! tab on the nav bar.

See instructions here.