Telluride S/EX over MSRP or Palisade SEL at MSRP?


Hi Everyone,

My fiancé’s crosstrek is closing in on 42k miles, and she has about $9-10k equity in it. She really likes the Telluride, and with about $5k down at MSRP, a balloon loan on the Telluride comes to about $300/mo for 24 months. Then after that, she’d sell it and move on.

The kicker, she needs it by mid august and after 2 months and about 30 dealers, the lowest ADM I found was $1000 (none available), and the next lowest was $2000.

The Palisade is a bit easier to find at MSRP, but the balloon is about $50/mo more, which is no big deal, but she doesn’t like it as much.

My question for you all is which would you choose and why? Both cars are nice and have great standard features, but with an eye towards resale in 24 months I feel like the Telluride edges out. Is it worth paying $2k over MSRP for it?

Poll added by @admins to help with the decision:

  • Kia Telluride, all the way!
  • Hyundai Palisade for the savings!

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If your Telluride is loaded with alot of options, then you are very likely to loose money even if you sell it tomorrow. There are so many other brands available at MSRP or below MSRP, and there is no reason to pay the markup.


If you are referring to the balloon loan / deal, I will let others chime in.

:point_up_2::point_up_2: There is your answer.


this is incorrect - MMR rn is like $10k over original MSRP on most trims (granted unless you have a dealer license you won’t get full MMR), but even two year old examples are trading at or around their original MSRP.

It has held its value really well. $1-2k ADM is a very fair deal for the telluride.


There’s not all that many options to load them up anyways, but it’d be fairly base. An S would hover around 39-41 and an EX 42-43

Two grand over MSRP is hard to swallow, but I’d personally pay 2k more for the telluride since it looks a lot better


That is good then! In our area, I saw a Telluride with alot of options plus $10k markup.

:eyes: I guess someone is dumb enough to pay that much in ADM.


Definitely not bad. Helped my MIL get one at MSRP and it was a six month wait. If she likes the Telluride get the Telluride. See if the dealer will throw in something for the $2k like tint, accessories etc.

Keep in mind that going from S to EX actually causes you to lose a few cosmetic options sich as the darker satin trim and larger wheels that you get back with the SX trim.

The other alternative is to look at the volume telluride dealers that sell at MSRP and see if they get cancelled orders. Usually the people on the waitlist get first dibs but you could see an oddball color combo be available. The telluride forums are a great resource for this.

I can’t comment on your personal situation but personally I would wait 6 months-ish to get one at MSRP for MY23. You’ll get the interior upgrades plus a few more color options (might be an easier way to convince her to wait).

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2k over msrp vs. Msrp doesnt really answer the question. You need to look at the resale value of both vehicles. Not sure but I think telluride has better resale than palisade. Telluride might be even better when you look at the total cost to you.

Definitely do not get any Telluride below EX w/ Premium. The halogens on trims below that are garbage.

Beyond that, the choice appears simple. “A car I like is going to cost me around 2.5% more than a car I don’t like as much.” IDK about you but I wouldn’t want to get into a car I didn’t like every day just to save 2.5%.


Telluride S/EX over MSRP or Palisade SEL at MSRP?
I would definitely choose Telluride with S/EX over Palisade SExLess.

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Get whichever your fiancée likes better.

@Bumboola don’t you have a few FCA products she can drive in the meantime? :rofl:

:joy::joy:She doesn’t like the wranglers & she can’t physically get into the TRX i have coming soon so she’s SOL there

I had a similar situation and didn’t want to sit on a vehicle I had a really solid offer on. So I sold it and we did our best to share a car. My Mom barely drives and lives around the corner so I borrowed her car often to lessen the inconvenience on the wife.

My vehicle order at msrp was delayed a few times tbh, but it got here and was our preferred spec.

If you actually have other vehicles in the household maybe worth dealing with a similar inconvenience. It would only be temporary and your wife’s rewarded w/a ‘23 (better resale) at MSRP to her preferred spec.

Take the grand adm; or ask for some insurances instead.

It’s better psychologically to get the value.

Alternatively step stool or rails for a trx, or look for a defender at Msrp.

Would love to find a defender at msrp. You touched on it in another thread re: locality challenges. Here in metro Detroit all the dealers are greedy as hell lol

Another problem is the dealers who have for sticker also only selling to local customers lol