Telluride EX $540 36/10k 3500 down

what do you guys think for a marked up SUV? I feel like the down payment is a little high and I need to know the MF right?

New Info:
Markup is 5k off an MSRP of 41385. MF is .00022

Clearly my Down Payment is their Markup.

Not good. It’s not even the SX. RV is solid, but don’t know the MF. How much above MSRP is it? You can buy these for MSRP if you shop around. May have to do some traveling and be patient.

You can? Last few Kia Posts were saying Telluride was a Dealer can ask whatever they want for it and get it kind of deals.

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Yes a lot of dealers, especially in the SoCal market can ask $2-10k over MSRP and get it. That doesn’t mean that all of them do that. This is a great forum to find the dealers who sell at MSRP:

I’m in St. Louis and out of 8 Kia dealers, only 2 will sell at MSRP. But I had to find them.

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Yup, that’s why Poster said he’s from CA, in regards to the Telluride, the SoCal dealers are stealing.

Thanks guys will hope to come back with more details to see if this is worth it or not. For me it’s kinda hard to guage what a good baseline for a Telluride is after all the research.

Here’s some info for your Baseline.

  • The Telluride is REALLY HOT, and can go up to 20% over MSRP (At least in Cali)
  • If you can, look at the Pilots, MDX and maybe the Lexus version.
  • Your screen shot doesn’t show MSRP and Cap Cost Reduction which is very important in a Lease.
  • Do you think you are able to keep such a large car under 10k a year? What was your mileage in 2019?

Can I do 10k? Yeah. Easily. Pilots and MDX are old heading into redesigns are they not? And Lexus…well only the GX has 7 passengers and it’s a gas guzzler.

Exactly. People can ask whatever they want, doesn’t mean anyone has to pay it.

The Telluride doesn’t lease particularly well but the key to financing it is to find dealers who will:

Sell at MSRP
Less any rebates
Without any add-ons

The link you provided is a good one, but the list of “good and bad” dealers is sometimes a fluid one. Dealerships add or drop their markups based on fluctuating supply and demand. That’s why it’s also helpful to look at recent posts and threads in the purchasing section of that forum

Good advice

Just because some dealers are doing/getting that, doesn’t mean they all are.

I ran into the same thing with my palisade. Dealers were asking (and getting) $6+k over MSRP after incentives. Including a dealer that posted here. At the time, I was still able to get $6k under msrp after incentives by shopping diligently. Don’t fall into the trap that because some dealers are asking/getting way over MSRP that they all are.

I agree. But was your deal in the SoCal area? Updated new details BTW. Clearly I’m getting hosed.

Yes, it was

It’s funny here at LeaseHacker, I say ‘It’s Hot and hard to get at MSRP’ and someone says ‘I can get it for less’, but in another thread where I said ‘You are buying at MSRP?’ and someone says ‘Some Cars can’t be gotten for less than MSRP because they are hot’ haha.
Can’t win on that when there are 2 sides and you are always on the wrong side. hehe

I was pointing out that even on this radio show CarProUSA they say the Telluride is difficult to find , and even harder to find at MSRP. This SUV for some reason is super popular, wish I knew why. Maybe because it’s first gen?

Best bang for buck interior and MPG at MSRP. That’s why

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Except the interior on the palisade is nicer and the same engine/platform so same mpg.

Your post read much more to me as “these only go for way over MSRP” rather than “it’s a challenge to get it at or below msrp”.

The problem I was trying to highlight is that just because people are paying over MSRP doesn’t mean one should just accept that and pay that.

I agree that tellurides are very difficult to get a discount on, but even in California, one can at least get away from paying thousands over.

Yeah it is i feel like Telluride and Palisade can be spoken more or less interchangeably.

I agree, that’s also why I offered Poster to look at MDX’s and Pilots as alternative SUVs that aren’t red hot but still good. (Notice I did not say CX-9, I hate that SUV)

But I am starting to see that everyone here takes sides and sometimes when a note is posted, one of the sides always has to counter it.

Of course he shouldn’t pay MSRP or above MSRP on any reasonable car. But Poster should know that the vehicle he wants is super hot and will have to work extremely hard just to find a good deal.

Don’t shop for a telluride in SoCal. There are plenty of out of state dealers that do MSRP deals. Just check the Telluride forums, they have dealer contacts down to the names.

@mllcb42 is right in that you may be able to find some dealer in SoCal without a ridiculous mark up, but that would likely involve a lot of work (and a lot of getting laughed at).

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