Taycan Launch Happening Now!

The Taycan launch live stream will be live at 9AM EST. Got an email from Porsche last night as I already have a My Porsche account. Had to wake up at 6AM on the west coast to see it. You can also watch the stream here: https://www.motor1.com/news/368733/2020-porsche-taycan-livestream/


Looks way better than the spy photos. 200k and no self driving. Significantly less range than a tesla. Not sure who’s going to buy this thing…

Why is it crying? And why is there a model with the word “Turbo” in it???


the teardrops show their emotional capacity man! come on! :smiley:

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Wow, why include 5min of countdown at the beginning of the video. You can fast forward past it, but really a 10sec count-down is plenty.

It’ll definitely sell, being a Porsche and all, but gotta say, a bit disappointed in range vs. model s which costs significantly less.

Top version with 751 hp and 0 to 62 mph (100 km) in 2.8 seconds, 0.22 drag, 256 miles range and 5 to 80 percent state of charge in 22.5 minutes…pretty impressive stats!!!
$185,000…yeks!!..well, at least it won’t be as common as the S so owners will have some exclusivity.

Anyone else think that Porsche really shit the bed with this announcement? I know it’s typical of them to announce the top trim levels first and roll out the other levels (oddly), but in a world where everyone compares EV pricing, and how this was billed to be the “tesla killer” for years, and years, and years, to come out and show that it can barely beat a 7 year old car, and be twice as expensive really killed any enthusiasm for the launch.

I love the Porsche brand, have an older 911 in my garage right now. But MAN they really should have started out with the base Taycan pricing and show that it can at least beat a Model 3 before giving the sticker shock of the Turbo. Given how ferociously protective they are of trim level performance, it’s not going to be surprising if the base taycan is even allowed to beat a Model S in fear of it being too close in performance to the Turbo.

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First, even if it was billed as that i’m pretty sure it was not by Porsche. Secondly, i think this car is not necessarily aimed at competing with evs exclusively. This car will embarrass many gas exotics out there. Let’s not forget that Porsche, just like Tesla, have a pretty loyal fan base…so the car should sell well.

How many Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid cars have you seen running round? Literally the only one I have ever seen is at a Porsche Driving Experience I did a month ago. That’s a comparable in terms of price and size and performance (3.2s 0-60 vs 3.0 taycan).

Porsche often compared to the Model S in terms of performance. The only thing they seem to be able to beat right now is repeated launches, something they brought up regularly about how the Model S could only launch about 3-4 times before needing to cool down, but they’ll do 100 times.

I’m sure they’ll sell a few, but given they were trumpeting about having 20,000 deposits I doubt that’s going to come to fruition with this launch.

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aNy TaYcAn HaCkZ oR lEaSe DeAlS???

Get me done! $399 sign and drive

Damn that is pretty tho. :heart_eyes: I know a guy who has a reservation for a green one.


I’m planning to go in November- any tips?

Whoops meant to say the Porsche Performance Drive event thing they do (https://porscheperformancedrives.com/). I did it at Road America. Great free event that let me drive the new 992 911 (what a machine) as well as getting a ride-along in that Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo, also what a machine. $200k machine? ehhh, give me a 911 GT3 along with a Cayenne S instead.

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The whole launch was pretty crappy. They should fire their events team. I am not in love with the car even though I really wanted to. I loved the new Panamera when it came out and dreamed of the day I could get one. Not with the Taycan :frowning:

Supposedly it’s been over 30000 deposits since July…not sure where they are now. Also comparing this to Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid with its 14 miles of ev range is silly.

Autonomy is not even an option? I’ll pass…

Yeah, I’m a huge Porsche fanboy, and this is disappointing

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Meanwhile Tesla marketing blasting emails about Model S and X with lifetime supercharging around the same time of the Taycan launch.

Seriously, Tesla is on another level with its aggressive investment in autonomy. To me, Tesla is thriving to be a tech company whereas others are stuck at being mere automotive companies.

Besides repeated launches, the Taycan will also beat the Tesla S in handling. Porsche is all about handling.

That said, this car is a big disappointment over what they had been promising. I was expecting 911 money, not 911 GT3 money.