Taycan 4S Need Help


Hackers. Need some help.
2021 Taycan 4S
MSRP $139700
Selling price $131000 plus the state tax credit.
Demo model with 3000miles.

I wanted your help to see if it’s a good deal or not?

You are missing lots of info.

Btw, what happened to your search for a RR sport earlier this year? Range Rover Sport Help

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I gave up on it. Took a test drive and it sucked.

Sorry I am driving so I posted this as I have to pull the trigger today.

Here is some advice - For your own good get a breakdown of the deal and post all details before signing anything.

Monthly, DAS all you need to know if it’s worth, if you are paying over 42-43% of the entire cars value by end of 36 months it’s not gonna be worth it.

I was buying this car out.
Suggestion not to buy it out?

Resid on these are 51 I believe.

The technology in EVs is quickly evolving. IMO, unless you are getting a crazy deal on this car, I would not buy it.

Just curious - Why the Taycan?

Do you always make 6 figure purchases on a whim without proper research?

Don’t back yourself into a corner. Make your decisions from an informed position. Step back and spend a little time here.


I just liked the look and features of the Taycan.
I thought getting 8k off MSRP at this time would be a decent deal but you are the expert here- hence the post here.

This would be my first 6 digit car- not rushing but don’t see any good deals out there.

You are on the LH forum lol I figured you were asking for help on a lease :joy:

2 people just put their M8s up for lease transfers on the private transfer section of the website, the deals look amazing on both and one is in NY, you may find those deals to be better in this garbage market.

I wanted to lease and I read on here not worth leasing this type of car.

Sorry about that

Ya taycan and Porsche in general not the best to lease.

I am no expert. Since joining LH more than 1.5 years ago, I have done my best to educate myself about the ins and outs of leasing. I would strongly recommend you do the same. I get it for this deal you were looking at purchasing the car, but doing research and educating yourself also applies.

Your pre-incentive discount is about 6.2% for a car with 3k miles.

Have you test drive one?

Yes, I read a lot and i got more confused so was relying on experts here to advise.

Yes, I drove the car, it’s nice but to the point that don’t jump on the deal - I will probably hold back.
I just won’t have a car as my lease is done end of this month on my 5.

What info was confusing? Here are the basics:

  • Your primary focus is to get the biggest discount off MSRP before any applicable incentives/rebates.

In your case, this was your dealer discount. If there were any applicable incentives, they would be applied to further reduce the sale price.

I would suggest taking the time to understand the basics. There is lot of info online about how leasing works and calculating your monthly.

Good luck.

Here is some basic info: 8 Things You Should Know Before Leasing A New Car — LEASEHACKR

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