Taycan 4S leasing numbers?

Has anyone leased a Taycan 4S recently? Are they marked up right now? I’m back and forth on the Tesla Model S, but I do love the Taycan.
(If there’s any Porsche dealers on here in the LA area, let me know!) thanks :slight_smile:

Porsches are generally terrible leases. You want a Porsche, be prepared to buy.


Buy the model S

I appreciate the input and I’m still considering my options but I’d like to know about Taycan numbers… anyone?

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I would expect to see a markup on MSRP or MF. Maybe on a less desirable spec you could get a MSRP/buy rate deal.

Read the wiki.

Edmunds forum will provide the residual and MF.

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What do you get when you fill out the calculator assuming msrp and no mark ups?

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On a $128k 4S, which is the cheapest I could find, I’m getting about $2250/mo before tax. Seems crazy high. But yeah the markup thing is why I’m asking. The most recent posts I’ve seen here with actual deal numbers are from mid last year.

Post a link to your LH calculator

I obviously can’t speak for everyone here, but if someone did indeed lease a Taycan recently, they’d probably be hesitant to share here as I think they would be roundly criticized. It’s a terrible leasing market, and that’s compounded when you then take a car that itself in a normal market would be a terrible lease.

So, I don’t think you’re really going to find anyone with recent numbers.

Here’s a mini hack for you that I figured out recently. If all the dealers in CA are trying to charge you premium over MSRP you should be able to order from any dealer nationwide and take delivery in the LA experience center. I’m not familiar with Taycan pricing but hopefully you don’t have to pay premium over MSRP.

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not a lot of dealers outside of cali will do cali reg.

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Sounds about right.

If someone from out of state calls, we are adding an ADM, especially Cali. Also, LA PEC is unavailable right now. I had a client’s order delivered to the PEC in December and May was the earliest they had an opening.

oof, this is much higher than the loan payment on my 718 gt4 with similar msrp. Taycan used to lease well early last year but it’s absurd now.

Gold coast Porsche ads claim $999, 10k down plus tax fees etx

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Read the terms and conditions. It is for a base, not a 4S:

Actual lease price determined by your authorized Porsche dealer; your payments may vary. Closed-end lease offered to qualified lessees with approved credit by Porsche Financial Services (PFS) through participating U.S. dealers. Must take delivery by 1/31/2022. Estimated payments based upon MSRP of $91,510 (includes delivery, processing, and handling fee) for a Model Year 2021 Taycan. Model pictured may be priced higher and may have optional features and equipment. Price excludes any title, taxes, registration, license fees, insurance, maintenance, and dealer fees. Lease payments of $999.49 for 36 months total $35,981.64 based on the adjusted capitalized cost of $75,135 (requires dealer contribution which could affect price). Actual MSRP and dealer contribution may vary and could affect your monthly lease payment. Capitalized cost includes a non-cash credit in the amount of $7,500 based on the Federal Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle tax credit. Total due from customer at signing $10,409.49 (first month’s payment, acquisition fee of $1,095, and capitalized cost reduction of $8,315). No security deposit required. At lease end, lessee pays excess wear, $.30/mile over 30,000 miles, and $595 disposition fee. Purchase option at lease end $48,500.30 plus taxes. Specific vehicles and options are subject to availability and your price may vary. For additional information, see your participating authorized Porsche dealer.

Purely hypothetical because I’m in AZ, but If I was a local customer what kind of pricing do you offer on the 2022 Macan S? I am curious if I can get close to 5% off MSRP. I reached out to 3 dealerships yesterday and got MSRP+ 10K, MSRP+ 4K, and MSRP. However I saw someone on the Macan forum got 2.5% off. Trying to figure out how much I can push that dealership that offered MSRP.

Haven’t sold a 22 Macan for less than MSRP, let alone an S. Anyone getting a discount probably has some huge buying history. I would only do that for maybe a handful of VIPs.


No Porsche dealer will discount an suv.

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PORSCHE CARS NORTH AMERICA, has several low mileage Lemon Law Taycans going through auction this week :wink:

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