Target discount for lower mileage 2019 BMW X3 loaner

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I’m looking at a couple 2019 X3 service loaners with considerably lower mileage than most that I’ve found on here, even in historical threads for previous model years.

What does the community think is an appropriate target discount percentage before incentives? Would the same 18-20% target for higher mileage loaners still apply, or would you adjust the target a bit?

I’m inclined not to move it much because 900 miles isn’t significantly different than 5,000 in the overall life of the vehicle, but I’ll defer to those with more expertise here.

Thanks in advance!

You’re going to get flat out ignored if you try to get 18-20% a 2019 X3. That’s undesirable vehicle + lease support ending in 19 days territory. I don’t know why all of a sudden everyone thinks that every BMW loaner should be 20% off @vhooloo

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That’s honestly exactly why I’m asking the question----a quick search of any BMW loaner related topic going back years will also reveal that the more accurate 16-20% number is a consistently preached target zone across a wide variety of models, however I’m thinking that’s not only not do-able, but perhaps not even appropriate given the relatively low mileage of the handful I’ve managed to find.

What in your opinion would be an acceptable level of discount to shoot for?

People see this and automatically assume they can walk into any BMW dealership and drive off the lot with 20% easy peasy…yet are wrong, and then get angry at the BMW dealer.

There are several factors in play…

  1. Age/Mileage of car

  2. Popularity of car

  3. Dealer participation/willingness to get rid of unit

  4. Market

On a 19, you’re going to be on the lower end of the % scale. On an 18, you’d probably have better luck getting more, but I’d still be shocked if you got 20%.


Agreed on all fronts—just seeking guidance so as to avoid that unfortunate situation you outlined. I’m looking for realistic and reasonable expectations. Do you have any thoughts as to where you’d start if this was you going in?

On a 19 loaner x3 with 900 miles, I’d bet you would be hard pressed to get more than 14-15% off.


Thanks for your input! That seems a reasonable middle ground, and at the very least a place to begin exploring a potential offer.

good luck even getting that much off pre-incentives on a 19. The X3 is BMW bread and butter, crazy sales numbers on this car. Point is, they have no trouble moving units. i would not go in there expecting them to bend over.