Talk me out of this (S2000 thread)

$7k to rent a Quad for 6 months and abuse it for 18,500 miles. $0.37/mi.



I personally do not see a downside to this, aside from the possibility that it will be in the shop for half the time.


I bet you could get them to increase the incentive as well. I’d mostly be cautious about end of lease wear and tear though.

Yeah, I agree…if they really need out, it’s gun to the head point with a month left to get out of it. Plus according to Carvana it’s had an accident and is worth HOLY CRAP THAT IS INSANE DEPRECIATION

I must say, I’m VERY leery that this SAL ad doesn’t mention “fully loaded”, “pet free” or “kid free”. It’s a diamond in the rough.


Looks like the only thing heading to zero sooner is your :battery:



Why did I start doing this.


Much better corvette over the 1k quad


What kind of tires?

Once the temps drop below 40/30 degrees, can they handle it in a Michigan winter.

Basically, is it actually 6 months or less?

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I would take the Grand Sport all day.

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I would rather have the vette at that price difference

You might have some leverage since it could be hard to find in-state buyers

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It’s been abused for 2.5 years already lol

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“Garaged during both winters. Will include full set of pro winter tires”

If it was garaged during both winters, why does it have a full set of winter tires included?


Garaged during Winter doesn’t mean not driven. Still need winter tires for cold dry driving


That is nuts! I think Carvana really blasts a car that has had any sort of reported accident, no matter how minor.

Another example-----

These cars are almost exactly identical, the only difference is one of them has Sensatec seats, the other is leather. The car with the reported accident was a very minor issue that apparently happened at the dealership.


Holy smokes! that is a deal and a half on that Vette.

You’ve gone down the rabbit hole…have been there many times myself.,

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Checking on corvettes on SAL is very fun actually, a few months ago I saw a black on black grand sport for $480/mo, 0 down, too bad it was a soft top convertible.

Having miami vice like visions? cruising through the city in a blacked out corvette with attractive women everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you get SAL analytics?

Meaning? (I don’t follow)