SUVS: Which would you choose and why? Atlas SE w/motion/tech, Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, Mazda CX9 Touring w/Premium

If these SUVS were all the SAME PRICE, which would you choose and why? Atlas SE w/motion/tech, Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, Mazda CX9 Touring w/Premium.

CX9 without a doubt. Great driving dynamics, interior is high quality, and the exterior has aged gracefully.
GC design is nearly 10 years old and the interior falls apart. Backseat is tiny for the size of the SUV.
Atlas it just hideous IMHO. I’d never consider it for that reason


Any others in that price range that you would prefer over the CX9?

The Blazer seems interesting, but I’m not sure what leases look like on it.

Thank you for the reply

Did you consider saving some money and going with QX60?

I looked at it and for some reason I feel like the QX50 looks nicer. I hear the 60 has better programs right now.

The qx50 is a much newer vehicle, but it is smaller, depending on your size requirements

Definitely not the JGC because it’s an ancient FCA product.

Not particularly interested in the CX9 either or a 4 cylinder, lightly equipped version of the Atlas.

Why are you limited to these three?

QX60 is dated and cheap. It does offer a very good value for the money if picking it up in Pure trim and it does offer lots of comfort and space. Make sure you test drive it in a Sport mode otherwise it is unbearable, Eco mode is very scary and probably should be outlawed for safety issues.

I test drove QX50. It does offer a newer interior, but I would not wish anyone to drive it due to uninspiring, unspectacular and forgettable performance and handling.

Need 15k per year
$no more than 1500 DAS
Have $1000 leftover on wife’s lease (Passat) that I’m taking over. Need SuV for work.


What is your budget per month?

It would be $350

The Jeep is a bit of an outlier because it’s obviously only a 2 row? I prefer the Jeep in this comparison but simply because I personally the style of them & don’t need the space. Realistically though a Honda Passport is the more sensible choice for silky smooth V6 dullness in that category.

CX9 is a great choice, but I would make it more annoying by also considering the Subaru Ascent or even a Volvo XC90 given how good some of the deals have been on them recently, it wouldn’t be that much more.

Thanks for the feedback. Don’t need the 3rd row but any extra storage space is a plus. I’m hearing jeeps breakdown a lot but I like the looks. Love the Volvo 90 or 60 but no way it’s in the budget.

Would the Jeep break down any more often than a Volkswagen?

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19 highlander xle may be doable for that


Appreciate the feedback.
Does everyone like the crv and or highlander better than the cx9 or jgc limited?


Why not test drive them and see what YOU like the most?

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