SUVs that actually lease well and feel luxury?

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I am too damn tall for my c300. I bought out my 2020 c300 amg lease and have been sitting on it for about 12 months now. It has low mileage and I can probably selling it for high 20’s with current market.

With that in mind, I have 2 kids , and I need an suv that actually feels comfortable . Doesn’t need to be too big but would be great to travel with a family of 4 comfortably on road trips, that feels like it’s a luxury ride.

Any recommendations on what leases well or just general feedback? I’m open to EV’s , and if the market is still trash, I’m ok to keep waiting if there’s anything intriguing dropping in the near future.

I’m just looking for general guidance here …and advice on if the market continues to be trash or if its getting better.

Go take a look at an ev9

Define lease well? are you looking for the $400 sign and drive from 2019-2020? If so keep waiting


Lots of options in the Marketplace

Much of what defines “comfort” is subjective from the shape of seats to how much you want the suspension to float vs be planted —- one thing that isn’t is that larger wheels are going to have less sidewall to cushion any impacts.

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How bad is the market now? I’m ok to put 3K DAS for a sub 500 payment for something nice. Is that not realistic anymore?

If not, I’ll just wait for the day that may never come.

The EV9 looks great , any rough estimates on how that’s going to look from leasing side?

Audi Q5/SQ5

Replicate this deal yourself or take one of the listed cars in the Marketplace where a good pro can make it a turnkey transaction for you.


Check infiniti QX60 or acura mdx on marketplace

Rebates/incentives went away in May I believe?

Rough estimate, in NJ with no sales tax, you could do a land for somewhere in the $650/mo with first das for a 24/10 region.

Good bit cheaper on a lower trim.

FWIW, I’ve not been able to touch this numbers in NJ. Dealers are quoting around 660 on the wind with first month DAS. Land is completely untouchable.

Well theres your problem.

Dont ask for quotes.

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So many people don’t know this. The perception is bigger must be better. I mean it’s more expensive so there’s a reason for that right? Sure slap on those 22s baby!!!


Think most people just assume the higher trims are more luxurious.

I mean they aren’t wrong most of the time. As long as you avoid the words “sport tuned” like the plague, you will find top trims have more comfort options

So true, my 2022 Ram BigHorn with 18" tires floated because the sidewalls were high - very comfortable ride. One of the most comfortable long highway roadtrip vehicles I ever had (especially with the split bench (no console) front seat).


for low 600s or below you may be able to get into a CX90 or a MDX. If EV is your thing, take a look at the Cadi Lyriq which is possible to hack now for sub 500

A V6 ram was about the smoothest riding vehicle ive ever had, good mpgs and the cab is huge

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