Signed: Lexus RX350 with 12% dealer discount

Signed on the 29th.
Emailed 3 dealers. 1 was only giving 7% off. Another lagged with response. 3rd agreed right away and we signed same day.

MSRP 52,995

dealer discount 12%

7.5k miles 36 months
residual 63%
MF: 0.00232
Add in 9 multiple security deposits to drop MF to 0.00160

Incentives $2000
Lexus loyalty $500

Acq fee $795
Dealer doc fee $85
DMV $650
Tax rate 9.5%
Excellent credit

Payment was $537 per month with 9.5% tax. Zero drive off aside from the MSDs.


Hi, please explain what this “Add in 9 multiple security deposits” means.
I need to make a decision on whether to Purchase my End of Lease 2021 RX for 28K (have about 18.000 miles) or somehow use the price spread against current market to negotiate a new Lease.
Thanks in advance

Certain leasing companies allow you to give them multiple security deposits (MSD) at lease inception in exchange for a lowered money factor (interest rate). You get the MSD back at lease end


RX holds value really well. You might have some equity there.

And Toyota/Lexus and Infiniti offer higher value (also Nissan OnePay) compared to Volvo/Nissan (regular lease).

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Outstanding discount on what looks like a base trim judging by RV.

Congrats and thanks for sharing!

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Do you mind which dealer offered 12%?

Would mind saying how much the 9 MSDs cost?

MSD’s are usually the payment rounded up. Each bank has exact rounding rules but usually its something like “the payment rounded up to the nearest $50 or $100” multiplied by the number of MSD’s. In this case, probably either $550 or $600 x 9 = $MSD total


Do MSDs earn interest ?

101010 char

No, MSD’s lower the money factor (this is basically an interest charge to keep it simple) on the lease. Depending on the brand the return on your money with almost no risk is very good compared to normal low risk investments.

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