SUV Lease Deals under $350/Month?

So my lease is coming up to finish with Lexus and looking to get into something A LOT cheaper. Thinking I just got married and probably start a family over next couple of years, SUV might be a better bet. I love German cars but just hate fixing them. I do plan on leasing something cheap and maybe get an older AMG to have fun with.

Are the options below possible with $0 or little to no money down? I know I have high hopes in getting these but hey you never know! I like luxurious cars but nothing crazy. I know sometimes one can get a real good deal on a service loaner!

Acura RDX

Unfortunately I think it will be hard to find any of those at $350 or under with zero down.

It’s possible on less equipped versions of those cars but all the ones you listed are the most expensive package ones.

The only option that is remotely possible is a base CX-9. Acadia Denali and the rest are definitely not going to happen

I know I am setting my hopes high but any other suggestions are welcomed… Maybe the Buick Enclave?

You might be able to get Grand Cherokee Limited around 350

Re-did my question. I assume 7 passengers might be too big so I am okay with a smaller SUV

Check around about a forester. I’ve seen some pretty good deals popping up on them.

Removed - not worth keeping a bad deal up

Hit up @Aronchi, he has 2018 Rogue SV Premium for $250 a month.

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Thats 7500 miles i believe. Then they ask you to pay by mile if you want 10k and add it to monthly price. Typical Westbury tricks. Plus fees will be at least 3000 including tax.

This Cherokee deal is worse than the one i posted last week, i believe. Taxes add about $30 to the payment alone.

Slightly less if you’re in nj! I run off of ny tax.

Thanks for the info.

Here a link to your deal.

If you can go a little smaller a very well equipped cx-5 is a good option, as well as the new VW Tiguan. You might come close on a base 2WD RDX if your lease terms are favorable. Good luck.

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Think I might have to stretch budget to $400 to get something nicer. I drive a full loaded Lexus so don’t want to downgrade all the needed features. I think Infiniti QX60 might be assed to the lease. I remember before wife got Volvo, they said 339 a month with 2k down.

If you consider a Chevrolet you can get either an Equinox ( 5 passengers) or Travers ( 7 passengers) for under $350 / month zero down in SoCal. Here is a spreadsheet: Cheevrolet Equinox / Traverse

If you are located in SoCal reach out to @chevysalesgirl

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Yes. I think I want something more “luxurious”

Consider the Equinox Premier. The 2018 is truly a great car that can be equipped with many premium features

Honestly with all the cars you want you are going to have to raise your budget to probably <500.

Really great deals on here usually come in waves and are only certain cars. Can’t really be too picky on them. SUVs are generally more expensive as well.

It sounds like you like buying the name (ie. Lexus, Bmw, etc… which there is nothing wrong with) so in that aspect for your price range you might me able to get a BMW X1 under 400 but that could be a stretch even. At least they have loaners to shoot for.

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