Suggestions for $20,000 cash for 3-year large luxury suv

Hey hackers,

I’ve been an Acura loyalist for a while now, having a couple of 2019 MDX’s. I was able to pre-pay lease both of them (w. tech package) for under 15k.

I sold one to Vroom and need a replacement vehicle and I’m looking for something else to be excited about in the $20k range. I’m willing to spend more for something other than an MDX but I’m not sure what the right move is to.

What car am I not thinking of? Wife said no to a Cadillac XT6 or Lexus. Anything else out there MDX sized in the $15k - $20k range?

Best I found on an XC90 was $22k; X5 was $25k. Both a big jump from $14.5k MDX

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Pilot. Highlander. Forester. Edge (not ST). ETr0n

Third row required? That’s the killer.


Luxury SUV under $20k for 3 years??

E-tron. Can close thread now :wink:


I don’t think any of these would qualify for the luxury category in the misses head…

we don’t have a garage, so we can’t charge. A little small for us also.

Not much else qualifies in the price category though.

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etron or xc60 demo or mdx


Check out the “Marketplace”. Internet strangers can’t choose an SUV for you.


Ya I’m just saying it’s a strange gap between an MDX which can be had under $15k well equipped and a XC90 at $22k base.

What’s in between those two of comparable pedigree and size?

I would suggest :point_up::point_up::point_up:.

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If you can still find a 2020 Tahoe you can get into one for $550/mo with $3K DAS.

The lease deals are few and far between, as many predicted back in March. Used cars are worse. There was a CPO G Wagon for 113% of MSRP.

Is $555/mo pre/with tax? What is your tax rate?

I would browse the lease transfers too and see what your budget buys :man_shrugging:t2:

The Tahoe suggestion is a great one from @z0lt3c – hadn’t thought about that.

@jeisensc - i’m in SoCal at 7.75%. $555mo includes tax.

I think I just got spoiled by my MDX leases last September, though there are steals to be had again as Acura clears out for the 2021 refresh. My purchase price on an MDX AWD Tech was $39,000. I put 10k miles on it over 364 days and sold to Vroom for $38,640.

MDX Tech - $14
XC90 - $22.5
Aviator - $26
X5 - $27

is what I’ve tracked down today.

Where are you looking? Should be hard to beat $650/mo on a lower spec xc90

Orange County area has me at $22,261.68 – I don’t want to put the dealer on blast until I’m sure I’m passing on it.

You will have better luck working out the deal you’re targeting rather than asking dealers how much they want you to pay.

Do you plan to test drive the Volvo or are you just looking for the cheapest SUV within your budget?

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We drove the Volvo. My wife liked it but didn’t love it. Went looking a little more. She loved the X5 and Aviator. Passed on Lexus, Infiniti, Audi, and Mercedes.

She’s really still fine with the MDX, I’m just bored of it. I’m just surpised it’s such a jump to the XC90, Aviator, or X5. Trying to make sure I haven’t skipped anything. I think we’ll check out a Tahoe this afternoon also.

Have you considered a demo X5? Brokers usually have them up for sale.