Suggestions for $20,000 cash for 3-year large luxury suv

It doesn’t have to be with proper shopping.

Well, that’s what I’m saying, what tree should I be barking up?

I’ve been through the marketplace, reached out on a couple of X5 demos and they barely beat the new offers available. $24.5 on a demo vs $27 on a new one.

Acura really isn’t a luxury brand in my opinion. It’s more of a premium brand, ie Buick. Hence the large jump in price when comparing a MDX vs an X5. Lincoln and Volvo are moving more up market as well. So that’s why you’re seeing the big price differences. Acura is pretty much an aspirational brand. Not a full blow luxury brand. Think Coach purse vs Louis Vuitton.


Maybe you just need to up your budget to get the car you guys really want?



Budget? Forget about it

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That’s an $800/mo+ suv. Probably looking closer to 30k+ after 3 years, aviator and navigator were really hot to open and have stayed steady in demand


That’s not how it works… you don’t get to just pick a payment on a car and hope that someone sells it to you for that. You’re not going to get a car by being unrealistic… either bump your budget or start looking at cars that you can comfortably afford.


Hey I too want an X5 but at $15K total cost of ownership. Can someone help me find a demo at 30% off?

That’s all you want? I want a 488 pista for the price of a one pay bolt.


Also, Im sorry but I hate these kind of threads. Why don’t the misses come and post here herself? Why does the husband need to run around trying to satisfy their wife who refuse to have their own skin in the game?

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Thanks @valek.jw, I think you articulated what I was experiencing.

I am not asking anyone here to find us a deal or a dealer to meet some number on a car that is unrealistic. I’m just asking for expert commentary on the gap in prices between acura MDXs and “luxury brands”.

@valek.jw had great insight. Someone else also PM’d me that Genesis is coming out with an MDX competitor which was really interesting and a great outcome for me from this thread.

We are going to up our budget and get the car we want. Don’t worry everyone. Was just asking for better expert advice on the gap between acura and luxury brands as well as other cars that hit the Acura brand

It’s pretty simple. The mdx is incredibly dated compared to the competition. You get what you pay for.


Genesis GV80 looks awesome. Read and watch the reviews. But I still don’t think it will hit your 20K budget, or even 25k budget.

I hear you. Feel the MDX is an awesome value. Makes it hard to pay more than 2x for same class of vehicle. Did the loop with the Volvo and German, but love the MDX. Really looking forward to the redesign this year, but am too cheap to get it in year one. It’s hard when the 85k GLS or X7 doesn’t have drivers assistance that the MDX (or a Corolla for that matter) does standard.

It’s not the same class of vehicle

For those who don’t see the differences in the Europeans, that’s awesome because they can save a lot of money.

For most, there is no proper comparison between an MDX and anything from the European continent.


As @Bostoncarconcierge said, MDX is not in the same class as European makes. Size class, yes… prestige, no.

Don’t get me wrong

It’s a great value for what it is

But it’s not Swedish or German


True…I think most people get it because of the value proposition…not because they truly love it.

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I think the car that your wife “loves” is always outside of your planned budget. I just skip all the test drive BS, I just say “how does a xyz sound, it’s an SUV/crossover with leather and heated seats”, she might ask about the color and I might offer a choice. Then we go pick it up, I don’t even bother having her sign for them anymore, I just do everything in my name, avoids all the hassle.(I’ve got three cars at about $21k)


Let’s not overstate the case. X7 comes with leatherette standard and even BMW Dakota leather is not particularly luxurious.

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