Suburu Crosstrek premier 11

Newbi here, great information and tips, thanks! want to lease Suburu Crosstrek, premium, I used the calculator and my score came up 8 years, the money factor .00130 or 3.14% $765 DAS is this a decent offer?Screenshot_20190813-174009|243x500

Almost 300 a month for a 22k car? That seems high.

That’s a very objective opinion and is not a fair thing to say…

Said the creator of online forums.

Thanks, DAS $765 which includes first month, 0 down, about 480 for license and gov.fee, if I add a down payment I can lower the monthly but read many suggestions to have 0 down

You’ve been on the site for 1 day :slight_smile:

Provide user with guidance as to why it’s “high” as opposed to saying “it feels high.”

Sorry to intrude on a potential client. Got get em tiger.

Not a potential client.

Boston is a long way from NorCal.

Everyone is a potential client.

No useful feedback, just commentary, I could’ve just asked my wife. I’m learning here, use your experience and make useful commentary


Sorry - I was shamed for giving you an eyeball test and comparing your numbers to my lease any others I have read about. Did you check MF and RV at edmunds ?

Appeantly an online public forum is no place for free speech according to Mike.

:laughing: Good lord.



Based on the $26K MSRP, your monthly looks right in line with what’s being advertised in the following places. Greater than a 12% discount off MSRP, which you look to have, is solid.

This may be a good place to begin!

August 2019 NorCal/ SUBARU / OUTBACK / 1% or less/ $0 Down, $0 Drive-Off/ FINAL UNITS

I’d also recommend searching to see what others may have gotten in your region over the past 2-3 weeks (ideally) or in June/July.

Here is SoCal

Not sure if the numbers would be the same for NorCal


The fact that you compared the monthly payment with no info to the msrp shows how little you know about leasing. That’s what @Bostoncarconcierge was trying to say politely.


Thank you - much more respected your response. Makes sense. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Right on the money. Sales tax in CA is a killer.

No worries, thanks for the advice for Edmunds, the MF is a little high, seems all over the place.
…the RV is about average, ranging from 60-63. The car I’m looking at is 61

Well looking at the sheet from @Bostoncarconcierge, the MF is right on the money. They didn’t inflate it at all.

I don’t think I realized how high CA tax is.

I would post in Edmunds and ask them for RV and MF to be sure.

Just keep in mind the RV fluctuates not only based on trim but also on mileage

I’ll do that and post results, thanks

July 2019 NorCal Subaru Special Leases/ ALL Outbacks <1% & $0 DAS/ Legacy & Crosstrek Specials

Crosstrek Premium 11:
MSRP $26123
10k: $255 ($737 DAS)
12k: $262 ($745 DAS)
15k: $276 ($760 DAS)