Subaru Lease Turn-In

Hi guys,

My lease is up at end of year for my 2017 Outback Limited. It’s been an amazing car, and I’m ready to lease another Subaru. My current lease is 36/10k miles.

I’m worried about excess wear and tear charges (mainly tires). I’m right on track with my miles and there are some scratches on the vehicle. I heard Subaru is pretty forgiving when it comes to this and especially when you lease another.

Can anyone share there lease turn in experiences with Subarus?

Thank you!

Uh get an inspection…


I put 2 rims and 10 tires on my WRX in 3 years. Chase (their captive) is Chase. That was my experience.

This. Nobody is going to be able to help you on excess wear and tear without more information. Call and schedule your lease inspection and let us know what they say.

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Some background on the included $1,000 wear and tear in current Subaru leases…check your paperwork.

If you’re worried about tires…find a place and buy a used set…it will be way cheaper than buying a new set.

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Aren’t tires the easy part?*

They either have X mm of tread left, or they don’t.

*Assumption: they still hold air and have no obvious sidewall damage

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Mine was 5k over mileage and they said “thanks”. Dealer just resold it in about 2 weeks.