Subaru dealer in upstate NY

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Does anyone have a good recommendations for a Subaru dealer in upstate NY? Looking to repeat my last deal of 12% off a leftover crosstrek. There isn’t much stock of the 2020’s left, so I might be fighting an uphill battle. Thanks!

Can’t say I ever worked with them but using a Rochester zip code I was able to find 7 2020 Crosstreks at Bob Johnson Subaru in Brockport NY.


How far upstate?

I used to live about a mile down the road from Bill Kolb Subaru in Rockland County. Rockland County isn’t generally “upstate” but I remember that they moved a ton of cars on a weekly basis. Always had the trailer delivering cars to them weekly.

Never bought/leased a Subaru but the locals all praised them.

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Get a quote from Van Bortal in Rochester

Mid Hudson Subaru. I’ve hacked several deals there for friends.

There’s only 10 2020 Crosstreks listed within 100 miles of Rochester. After Bob Johnson you’re either headed to Sayre, Pennsylvania or Ramsey, NJ.

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Not to mention the 2021 got a bigger engine (biggest Crosstrek non-hybrid complaint is its underpowered) and the Crosstrek historically hasn’t ever leased as well as Impreza or Outback (none of them especially well). Also (even in normal times) just after Labor Day, dealers with AWD cars aren’t discounting deeply until they have to.

They is probably a deal to be had, but with such low stock OP is going to have to work for it.

Where? Upstate is a huge area.

Might have better luck on Outback than Xtrek

They don’t have much left for 2020’s, but i’ll see what they are willing to do on 2021’s!

Can I ask how you’re getting that? I struggle with places like cargurus and such, they tend to leave off a lot of dealers in NY for some reason…

Good point on the bigger engine. I should probably go drive one and see if it’s worth it. I’ve never really felt my 2015 is under powered per say, but I’ve heard pretty positive things so far about the 2.5l.
Also - I’d be looking to buy, not lease, since the xtrecks don’t really lease too well!

I am trying to take advantage of the inflated used car prices lately. My carvana quote on my 2015 has gone from 10,200 to 14,800 in a few weeks. I am hoping it continues and I can wiggle my way in to trading it in for over ~$15k, when I bought it for ~$22k 6 years ago.

Technically western NY, but I’m up for traveling 4-5 hours for a good deal

I found that on Cargurus using a Rochester zip code for an “Upstate” reference. It’s quite possible that they aren’t getting every dealer. If I’m shopping and I see that I would cross reference, Autotrader, etc and see if I get more hits.

Van Bortel is the largest Subaru dealer in Upstate NY. There the most competitive and I have used there quotes numerous times to have dealers around the region try and beat them.

West Herr Subaru in Orchard Park is showing inventory on

Shhh that’s we’re I take my Van Bortel quotes too lol.


Then Rockland county and northern NJ might be your best bet.

In NJ: Liberty, Lynne and Pinebelt deal. They will aggressively beat each other, I’ve found.


I’ve always had extremely good luck at getting an amazing deal at West Herr Subaru outside of Buffalo. Lots of people I know also go to Van Bortel Subaru in the Rochester area. Word for the wise from a Subie owner: Avoid Northtown Subaru…absolute trainwreck in sales and service.

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