Subaru Ascent - Limited w/ Tech package, Final numbers for hackr's

Thoughts from the Hackr’s?

I’m being exhaustive here for others seeking clarity on their new Subie.
Subaru Ascent - Limited w/ Tech package #23, and accessory package #3,

MSRP: $44,140
Destination and Delivery: $975
Gross Cap Cost: $41,831
Cap Cost Reduction: $1,207
Adjusted Cap Cost: $40,623
RV: $26,925
Depreciation: $13,698
Rent Charge: $3039
Total of base monthly payments: $16,738
Lease payments: 36
Base Lease Payment: $464.95
Sales/use tax: $41.85

Total Due at Signing/ Drive off: $2500
Monthly: $506.80
Disposition fee: $300
Total Lease payment: $20,538

Annual miles: 10k
March '19 MF: .00125 (Northern CA, Bay Area)
RV: 61%

Seems not great. Someone just posted here in the bay area getting a Touring for less than that. Here:

Seems like that would be a good place to start.

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Agree with @28firefighter, you can do MUCH better! PM me if you want the contact info for the internet manager I worked with.

Score!! I am now a proud owner of an Ascent - Touring. Called Serramonte Subaru to see if they would match your deal and they said yes (I know, maybe coulda got it for less, but I’m tired of this $hit). So I got an upgraded car (from limited to touring), drive off discounted from $2500 to $1295, 12k instead of 10k, and lower monthly payment. I called numerous dealerships to beat the first deal I posted and nobody would beat it. Not sure why Serramonte was willing to, but they did. Thanks fellas! Really appreciate it!


Really glad it worked out. Be sure to post your final numbers and post a photo in the trophy garage!

Glad it worked out man!