Stroller friendly hatchbacks (no suv)

Which ones have easy-to-load trunks? Most of the sedans have deep surface and so hard to reach behind when stroller in. Inconvenient. Need some non suv recommendations for 1 kid and parents. Most of the time will driven one parent and kid only.

Volvo v60/v60cc


All the Nissans seem to have the grocery bump.

Mazda3 hatch, most wagons, I think (I haven’t been in latest-latest) Hyundai Elantra hatch. The Fords did but they stopped making cars except Mustang and Fusion.

The VW wagons (2019 is last year).

Subarus: Impreza hatch, Crosstrek, and Outback.

I second all Subaru, awesome in all weather conditions big enough for even run behind strollers. I know you say no suv but the Forester drives like a car…not sure what the reason behind no suv…but it’s the best for the money.

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Honda Fit
Kia Soul
Buick tourx (buy lightly used for a bargain)

Poor mpg, pricey, wife is short; with any mid size suv it feels like powerliftgate is must then price is $30k+ and even with hb we would have plenty of room as have 1 kid

Crosstrek then

I see why people say that, but (as a car > suv guy) I disagree. I drove an Outback (4cyl) then a Forester (top trim) then an Outback (H6) then a Forester (1 trim down) back to back last fall: I get why people love the Forester, I hated the ride height. It’s the same chassis, it’s very nice, but it’s not the same ride.

Forgot Kia, a couple options there. And if there are any Ford Flex(en) laying around, they look like an SUV but I think it rides more like a car than the Forester.

It it doesn’t feel underpowered to you, yes

Also Mini Clubman.

I’ve got to argue with you there…I have averaged close to 50mpg on the highway in my wife’s Forester. Pricey maybe but then I guess give out what your budget and miles need is.

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If your a car guy then stick to what you like. But the Forester drives the closest to a car out of any suv I have ever driven, not to mention the AWD aspect. Most in the class are Dog :poop: aside from the CRV.

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I didn’t suggest it for myself :smirk:

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It’s a lovely machine, but the difference between the ride in it and an Outback is noticeable.

After months chasing non-existent v60s last summer, I ended up with an XC60. I really like it, except when I get in and out of it, and I dislike the ride height. I made my choice: the one and only V60 was on the opposite coast and more than $250/mo more before shipping on the same MSRP. Given that, I love my XC60, the only thing I dislike about it is that it’s an SUV. I’ll drive it to term, but (like I said when I last had an SUV in 2013) this will be my last one.

I completely understand OP’s sentiment. Wagon/hackback nerds want what they want.

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If it doesn’t feel underpowered to OP (a common Crosstrek complaint).

I think I read somewhere that Subaru is going to make it more powerful

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I read the same. But I don’t think any of those Crosstreks with the new engine are on the ground. It really was the only downside to the Crosstrek.

Still, 2020 has 152 hp. Most of the Europe would be more than fine with it.

When America gets a Renault Twingo, or a VW Polo (which VW has lied/confirmed three times), I’ll allow that excuse.

Speaking of something that works in one market but not another, I haven’t seen a VW Phaeton in years, probably because they only sold 7 of them. There used to be one in the DC area. What a handsome mistake those were.

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I had a Crosstrek for a rental car for a week a while back. It feels a lot peppier than the 150hp rating would lead you to believe.

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Subaru Outback all day.

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Even though the outback’s new body is only 1 inch longer than previous, new one looks like stretch limo compared to previos body, strange. @Supakimchee

Impreza hb and Crosstrek has same trunk volume by the way, very interesting.