Stinger deal. Too good to be true?

Emailed a dealer about their last 2019 Kia Stinger Base RWD model. They easily agreed to a selling price of $29708, MF and incentives as posted on Edmunds forums. They even emailed me all the numbers (see attached). This dealer is 2 hours away and I don’t want to waste my time for a bait and switch. Local dealer would only discount $1k off MSRP on exact same car. Anything else I can do to make sure I don’t get tricked into driving 4 hours round-trip for a bait and switch?


Wow! You don’t need to share, but does that paperwork have a VIN or stock number on it?

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Yes, it does

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Get clear idea of this is $0 DAS or is it First Month DAS only deal?

KFM as $8,260 Lease cash on Base for 36 month lease.

So may be more room for negotiation if you are up for it.

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It looks like they applied the $7900 in lease cash to “cap cost reduction”. You are getting more than 16% off MSRP (from my calculations). I would go for this deal if that’s the car you want.

I would call the dealer/sales guy you are working with and tell them you will put down a refundable deposit on a credit card (say $500) to hold the car for you. Have you already done a credit app? If not, ask them to send all paperwork via email for you to sign and complete the app before driving 2 hours.

My $0.02.


Seems legit. It’s a 2019, tax rate is low, Kia’s MF recently dropped is seems. If I was to put a deposit, I wouldn’t put more than the first months’ payment. One thing to check if you can actually lease a 2019. Previously I don’t think it was possible with Kia.

It’s first month DAS

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Not sure if they can email the paperwork. You can ask them to UPS it to you, hopefully they agree to that

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Kia’s website shows you can still lease a 2019. If the dealer is offering it as a lease then OP should be good.

Yeah I saw that, just wanted OP to make it crystal clear before he goes there. No ambiguity.

He is receiving $5,172 discount before the $7,900 incentive

Took the advice of others and emailed the dealer asking for a credit app. They replied quickly with a link to a web form on their site. Is this the same thing?

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yes. 101010


Start filling out the web form. It should have a section asking for your social security # and other personal info.

Make sure you get the deal in writing (I know you posted it here). Also ask about putting down a deposit to hold the car for you.

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Filled out the online credit app, followed up with an email asking to provide the buyer’s order sheet and got this as a response.

Please forgive me for the delay in response. I took your application to the Finance Department, and they told me there is another customer who has already applied for the same vehicle. The customer is also interested in a GT model, so I’m hoping he will go with that vehicle instead.

We’re waiting to run your information until we know what the customer is doing since he was the first to apply for the vehicle. Once I know what the customer plans to do, I will let you know. Thank you so much for your patience!

Sounds like they were setting me up for a bait and switch. I’m 90% sure tomorrow they will say the car was sold. At least this tactic saved me a 4 hour round trip for nothing. If by some miracle the car isn’t sold and I pull off this deal I will be sure to post an update. Thanks for all the help so far!


Good luck and keep us updated.

Ask them if they can do a similar deal on the GT!?

Credit for some openness as the told you they’ll wait to run the credit app.

Good luck

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Nah. I think this is all legit. If he had said it is sold but I’ve got… then it is B&S.

I agree. Not all dealers are bad. Seems like a legit mix-up.