Steps to generate BMW corporate sales program claim certificate

Steps to generate BMW corporate sales program claim certificate

  1. Go here –
  2. Search & Select the employer that you work for. Example – Target Corporation has a CSP account code of NEPP164
  3. If you don’t see your employer name then you are out of luck
  4. Fill in customer information section. You can use your preferred email to which you want the certificate to be emailed.
  5. Answer questions on BMW preference
  6. Submit and you should have your claim code certificate in couple of minutes

Please note, certificate generation does not guarantee discount. Go through the terms and conditions on the certificate to understand if you qualify.


Corporate sales cannot be combined with current incentives as of January. It’s a fixed price on each car. Take either the incentives or Corp fleet price…whichever is better.

Likewise, it is only good for the employee…not transferable within household.

The new corp fleet is a BS program. Essentially invalid if you currently have a BMW and most cases worse than combination of current programs. Hard pass.

Seems like BMW’s first step to make pricing more black and white like Apple, Tesla, etc.

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The BMW Corporate Sales Program for April is showing up to 6900 on 5 series:

If that is true, it will be more than all other rebates combined ( Lease APR + Loyalty + Grad )
I emailed corp fleet to verify they said to check with my dealer, i asked a dealer they first said a 530e would qualify for the full $6900 then later said none of the 5 series would qualify for the full 6900.

Does anyone know what 5 series qualify for the $6900, if any ?

“Up to” is the key word. Forget about fleet man

Loyalty will always be better.


wondering same. were you able to find out?

My guess is these “up to” numbers are rare to find and possibly only on some close to 5k miles loaners.

So I’m eligible for this discount program, which is good as Im not able to use a loyalty rebate. The 2018 6 series saying up to 12500, that would get added as a taxable rebate correct? Where I’m located lease cash is taxable, I’m assuming this would work the same way. Would this be the correct structure for a deal, assuming they allowed the full 12.5K?

85K base
68K discount (2000 mile loaner)
-12.5K rebate

Payments based on 53.5K sale and 53% residual per edmunds, ~500/month with max MSDs. 15 year LH score.

Did I miss anything or would that be the deal assuming the dealer honored the full 12.5K?

Called a few dealers today on this no one seems to have any idea or willing to honor the current lease incentive on a 2019 5 series…disappointing.

No I didn’t get a break down of the Corp fleet incentives on the 5 series or a better answer from what is already on the thread.

I gave up hope on 5 series and just got this instead :

Going to try this at a few dealerships tomorrow, lets see what they come up with!

That is a very god deal on your 330e.

Problem with the 330e is that if you are on the taller side, the b pillar lines up with your shoulder, effectively leaving you with no armrest for your left arm when cruising. Same problem with the X1 and X2.

530e is better in that regard.

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Yes you are right, the 530e is the better car, especially “if you are on the taller side”, but i am not sure it is worth 1.5 to 2x the lease $ of a 330e while their MSRP are only about 10% different.

Lucky for me my height is not an issue in the 330e, and i don’t think i will grow taller in the next 2 years i have the lease :smile: , the only expansion that i am worried about actually is horizontal not vertical.


5/1 to 6/2 corporate sales program numbers.

Or you could have just posted the link

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Does anyone know what the CSP incentives are for this month for 2019 3-series?

edit: sorry this was a stupid question. Website linked says $500 for everything except for i3. I got confused by previous printouts shared that had more detailed breakdown per model.

It changed just about a month ago thats why

Really helpful thanks! Could not find this link anywhere else.

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Anyone know what the Corporate discount is on the X7
And is it stackable with loyalty college grade and test drive regional event