2018 BMW 330e Loaner $180+tax $450 DAS $1400 MSD 24/10K $48K MSRP


Does this qualify for Unicorn status ?

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  • No

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2018 BMW 330e Loaner

MSRP: $48600
Selling Price: $40000 (~18% off)
Monthly Payment: $180+tax
Cash Due at Signing: $450
MSD: $1400 (7x)
Incentives: $8000
Taxed Incentives : $7500 ($6500 APR Lease Credit + $1000 Loyalty )
Untaxed Incentives : $500 (Half of a $1000 OL code)

Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: .000232
Base MF: 00177
Dealer mark up : + .00040
Waived the acq fee of $925 and bumped the MF: +.00050
MSD: - .00035

Residual: 65.3%

Region: CA
Leasehackr Score: 23.2

Leasehackr Calculator

I can’t share the dealer info. This is not a replicable deal

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That’s a great deal!


Can you fix that calculator link?

Fix the calculator link and I’ll vote

I think about 200/mo after tax is about right for that MSRP. I think it’s great, not a unicorn though :wink:

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Calculator link fixed, thank you for flagging it, joeblogs and Splattered.

You have high standards :stuck_out_tongue: , what would it take for your to consider it a unicorn ?
$99 per month with 0 out of pocket ?
Hey you never know there is still 20 days left in the month, anything can happen.

Yep, this is a great deal! You could get 2 of these for the price of a 530e.

Although, it’s silly to me that it costs nearly $50k for a base 3 series hybrid. The options are where the money is. I have no idea why BMW made the 330e such an ugly duckling compared to the 530e as far as options.

haha well listen I got a 51K MSRP for about 150 before tax (0 DAS) and 7 MSD. And I think I saw some guy from TX who got a 530e for just a bit more - that guy…yeah that guy is like THE unicorn hunter.

To be honest, I am considering flipping it less than one month after I got it because I really just think I need the finer things in life instead of the hacker things. But it is a little more nimble than the 530e I think in terms of driving so that’s good.

Congratulations! Why the RV is 65.3% instead of 67%?

I’m going to go ahead and say YES

I’d skip the msd’s and do just first at signing

Why skip the MSDs? Because he may flip it so quickly? The “return” is insane in this scenario due to the low payment but high MSRP of the car. Saves him around $25/month which equates to over 20% return per year on the $1,400.

Yeah I guess it actually makes more sense on this one since the payment is so low. Their msd program seems pretty so so in general though

Yes, usually around 8% return with MSDs for BMW so worthwhile but nothing amazing. This is the ideal situation for MSDs, but hesitate if he’s going to offload it rather quickly. The new lessee won’t appreciate the small monthly savings vs money he needs to provide to the OP and could hurt any down payment he could ask for due to the low price.

Yes! This. When anyone with average negotiating skills can get the same deal with the max incentives because BMW is dumping their cars, it becomes a farm horse. Or, put it another way, you don’t bump into unicorns every 5 minutes while taking a 20 min walk.

The bear has spoken.
He thinks that 330e and X2 loaners are dime a dozen under 200 a month.

I think the unicorns are flying out of his behind.

They are… Many are not being posted :slight_smile: Did you get your X6 yet ?

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Thanks , the RV is adjusted downwards to account for milage since it’s a loaner.