Stellantis Financial Services 3rd party Lease Buyout Policy

Just the one experience for me. Every time I got a quote from Ally on buying out my lease it was the full remaining payments + residual. They never discounted for the rent charge. That’s what I paid when I bought it out.

Are you sure you werent seeing a higher number than expected due to taxes and fees rolled in and attributing that to the money factor? Thats a very common mistake.

I’m sure. I can dig up the paperwork at some point…This was 2016 fwiw. No dealer involved in the buyout.

Edit: I looked it up: Turns out the rent charge was almost nothing due to rates and the specific terms of the lease back then.

Looks like no buyout at all with SLS on EV/PHEV. @H4voc 's post showed a footnote that “The customer will not be eligible for purchase options for BEV/PHEV vehicles as disclosed in the lease agreement”

This is what a dealer is showing me in the SLS lease - box 9b is checked, no buyout. (This is just a sample they showed me, an actual SLS lease that had a buyout they whited out)

Yeah thankfully that box is unchecked on my TRX but noticed it as an option when I signed. Maybe they were wise to the flip game and wanted no part of it. Thankfully CCAP is still open for business.

But if they want business (which they compete for) with their dealer network, sticking them with buyout fees probably isn’t the best tactic.

Eh. 99% of people aren’t flipping. When I got my car, SFS was $600/mo cheaper than ccap. That’ll drive business to them just fine while also deterring flippers

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Both my boxes are checked on my 4xe lease


One is machine printed and one is hand printed…lol


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Why do dealers struggle so much with filling out contracts?


Thought your deal was with Chrysler Capital? I’m guessing they meant to check B, but even if they don’t it would be a challenge to get out of during the term. If you don’t mind being locked in and the payment’s a lot lower maybe it makes sense.