Stellantis = FCA + Peugeot

Meet the new corporate name of your Chrysler leases

Not too worried… Whatever the name products will still be same… Lol

I guess Truist was already taken.

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Turd Motors would’ve been more realistic and accurate


Invoking Atlantis always reminds people of longevity


How can we make this American Italian alliance more complicated? I know! Add a partially state owned french auto maker. Now, this idea could theoretically work if ownership had resources to invest in new products, ability to reduce the product line and could right size production/increase efficiency.

But then we get to Fiat and Peugeot. They are both bigger than they need to be but will have immense difficulty reducing their footprint/laying people off without running afoul of their unions and the French/Italian government. This is all compounded by the only really profitable part of this company being Jeep, Dodge and Ram. It’s the capacity/workforce in Europe that needs cutting and that’s where it is most difficult to do so.

Of course the reason this merger will “succeed” is that now you have both Italy and France on the hook to bail out Stellantis. Neither government is going to let these companies fold.

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By the same token the company can’t move away from factories in Italy and France that are both expensive and have poor quality control.

Just like rent-controlled apartments, it’s a marriage of convenience where both parties grow to hate each other


Yep, that is what the article I linked to discussed. This whole merger is a head scratcher cause it just compounds both companies issue of having too much production capacity in Europe.

The merger makes sense in that all parties some economies of scale to develop electric knowledge/production capability but it didn’t resolve any of the underlying issues both companies have. It would have made more sense for Peugeot just to buy Chrysler so they could sell their cars with the Chrysler badge/dealership network.

In other news, Chryslers are still junk

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It’s amazing how many CEOs still can’t think of anything else to increase shareholder value… they think increasing scale is their best strategy

You mean their whopping 2 car lineup (splitting the Pacifica into two models based on trim doesn’t count) that is primarily fleet sales?

But yes junk. Agree on their quality.

Anyone gonna buy the STLA stock when it debuts this week?

TSLA will have a slightly bigger market cap than STLA lol

yep. family work at HQs.
I graduate from “Chrysler High School” Nee Walter P. Chrysler Memorial HS.
One uncle had SIXTY ONE years of seniority as a worker.
Roommate was flown up by Iaccoca to interview, offered Job.
childhood neighbor lead engineer on Wrangler.
Plenty of roller coasters with Chrysler over the years.
I love cars and wish them nothing but the best.


Just marketing fluff to me.

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This is such a cliche, it’s almost like a Dilbert comic strip.

Boss: our stock price is our EPS * our PE multiple.

Everyone: Our EPS isn’t gonna grow any faster than X per cent.

B: So let’s Jack up our PE multiple!

E: How?

B: Well call ourselves a tech company!