Sporty convertible for 1500/month or less

I currently drive a BMW M3 and my lease is up very soon (2 more payments). Currently paying about 1k/month for a 36/10 lease. I’m fine increasing my payments to about 1500/month if I get something fun to drive, thinking of a convertible. Any advice? So far I’ve seen the Maserati GT. Not sure many other choices on that price range. A 911 would probably be more expensive.

Maybe a bmw m8?


Definitely not the Maserati granturismo, that car is a dinosaur. Maybe m8 or Aston Martin vantage? Both lease pretty well. Maybe throw in r8, not sure about their lease though.

Trying to get something else other than a BMW, just to change.

Aston Martin would be great but want a 4 seater (sometimes may put the kids in the back!).

C63S convertible?

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M8 Competition vert…what’s there to think about?
Not really a fan of the Maserati GT (underwhelming car on all counts)
Can’t swing an SL63 as that probably leases like sh*t

C63S convertible will lease for around the same cost as an M8 vert. M8 is a far superior car on all counts.

Some cars in your budget:
BMW M4 Convertible- leases really well. Get one with ZCP, Exec & Full leather…you’d probably be around the $1k mark.
Jag F Type convertible- nice too & in your range
Porsche 718T
BMW Z4M40i
BMW i8 Roadster

That’s all I have for now that I know for a fact can be had for $1500 per month or substantially less

If you’re open to not having a backseat, I’m so in love with my 2019 Boxster S. The PDK transmission is a dream and with a 3.5 second 0-60 (C/D) it’s quick whether in a straight line or on the curves. Mine’s a lightly optioned (and boy do those option$$$ climb quick) $81k that I picked up in October 2019 for ~$1085 + tax + maintenance + lease protection (total of $1,398/month) on a 39/15 with no MSD’s and the minimum DAS of $3450. No idea how Covid and 2020 is affecting leases on this model/Porsches. Side note, it was my favorite drive when compared to a Z4 M40i and an F-Type R.

Jag, 718 are two seaters - I want 4 seats.

Interesting that the Maserati GT is getting no love here. The sound of the car is great and has a lot of power, although agree the technology is old. They do lease very well I believe.

Agree that for the same price I’d go for the M8 and not the C63S.

The Maserati GT sounds phenomenal man. Not sure if I can deal with the reliability issues. Dad had a QP and we’re done with that brand. Ghibli has too many parts straight from a dodge dart lol.
I will concede that the GT is a beautiful car with a luxurious interior (Italian design at its best)

The M8 has the best of the best from BMW. German engineering at its finest. I think driving an M8 is a must before you make any decisions. The comp models sound fantastic, and the technology is truly next level. They are leasing extremely well these days (right around $1500) for a decently optioned one. I would get one in a heartbeat, except i’m more of an M8 Comp Gran Coupe type of a guy.
But if I were cross-shopping the cars mentioned above, M8 comp vert hands down.

No on the M8 from me. If you are spending 1500/mo I think you would want something special. BMW is over saturating the market IMO.


Oversaturated? Perhaps. Still one of the best looking cars out there. If you guys can’t tell, I’m partial to the M8. Get me one either in Brands Hatch Grey or ideally Dravit Grey with either black & midland beige or motegi red interior. I would take it over the competitors all day. Only 911 cabrio I care about is the 911 Turbo S cabrio which is well beyond $1500 p/m

How can you not want this car?


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Love love loved the music it played… especially waking up the neighbors during a cold-engine start :joy:. But I knew what I was getting into - 3 trips to the shop in the first 6 mths (wrong-sized battery from the factory, passenger heated seat not connected, faulty alarm sensor). If I didn’t have such a good deal, I would have been gone ballistic. Loved it, but realistically speaking, once was enough :rofl:

Killer color combo and looks :+1::grin:

Definitely sounds like a FCA product. My dad threatened to disown me if I ever purchased or leased a FCA product and it wasn’t a criminally good deal. I brought an Alfa Romeo deal to him at 350/month 0 down on a Giulia, and he legit said f*** no, then ranted for 20 minutes about a '89 dodge shadow he owned briefly from 89 to 94.

20 whole minutes of breaking down every single thing wrong about that car, every single mechanical failure and mechanic visit, and about how he hates ALL FCA products. He said the day he sold to an Iranian grad student was the second happiest day of his life, preceded by me being born.


Very easily… Much prefer the clean lines and timeless elegance of the 911.


911s are hot- that’s an undeniable fact. Last I checked, a 911T was around $1800 p/m
That being said, an M8 isn’t exactly a compromise. But hey thats why we have soo many options. To each their own. Performance wise you have to compare an M8 Comp vert to a 911 turbo s cabrio. Can’t really match up a M8 comp vert to a 911T. MSRP wise yes, performance wise no.

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I would do the M8. 1500 a month isn’t getting you a lot of 911 - maybe a S cabrio? Maybe not even. Definitely not a GTS.

Hack a DB11 Volante If you want a 4 door conv…some incredible deals lately

Lot of good comments here. I’d take the DB11 Volante in a heartbeat, but no way I’d get that car for 1500/month. I think that one is 2k+. Unless someone here would think otherwise?

I agree that the M8 seems like a beast, but I’ve been driving BMWs for a while, currently driving an M3, and feel like a change. I also agree with what was said above, if paying 1500/month I may as well try to drive something more unique. That’s why the options aren’t many. A 911 cab even if base model I’d take, but they don’t seem to be leasing well.