Sports and Luxury car deals

Be nice if we could post abnormal deals on higher end sports and luxury cars.

A good example of a great deal recently that some got was the 140k jaguar Svr for $744 a month. It was an executive demo and had a lot of rebates and discounts.

If anyone spots deals like this please post them in here so people can take advantage of them!


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Those are unicorn deals. It’s far in between. The second its posted, the deal is long long gone


How can anyone take advantage of them if they are so abnormal? Are there other $140k Jag demos to be had in the 700s?

I know I know…but they happen and if someone spots it would be nice to give someone a shot at it that is in here…

The A8l 4.0 has alot of incentives on it but it leases terrible.

Haha…so this would be an example of a deal that does not qualify to post in here. Lol!

That’s bc just like the A6, S class, 7 series, the demand it not there for that price/vehicle. Also depreciation is rediculous for cars pushing 100k

I can get a loaner S class for way under the one percent rule, been eyeing one in particular for my father for a few weeks now. Also, NEWS FLASH, some certain 7 series’s (tagged by vin, most of them gone now though) can be had within the one percent rule as well. (some pushing 25k off)

Bring out the sanitizing wipes for the loaner. Who knows how many people farted on it. There is a reason why they are discounted that much, bc no one in their right mind would pay that much. BTW, if its end of year and you are getting the deals, it doesn’t mean you are a good negotiator. ONLY means the car went through a year of depreciation sitting in the hot sun or getting abused as a loaner. YOUTUBE rental and loaner cars

Not a loaner my bad manager’s demo, could be worse, but only has 1k miles. Just saying that good deals can still be had.

Would be happy to pay broker fee for s class demo or loaner deal. Please PM me with any good deals. Thx!!

But you’re leasing it, not buying it. It’ll almost certainly be fine for 3 more years or so.

The fact the person said…do you know how many people farted in it…should be sufficient in understanding their logic.


Call me selfish, saving this particular example for my father if he ever does decide to go for it.

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Family first! I hope he enjoys that amazing machine

You are missing the point. It it has 1-5k miles on it, it’s a used vehicle selling as a new. Tire, brake maintnance cost, no new car smell factored in to the discount that you as the new leasee have to pay for

I see that you like second hand things

I like nice things. If it is “second hand” is irrelevant. A car is a depreciating asset. The whole point of this site is to mitigate the cost you are paying for that depreciating asset. The money you are saving for giving up a few k miles pays for itself many times over if you get the right deal. Knowledge is power embrace it.


Not denying a car is a depreciating asset. But I don’t like to sacrifice my requirements just to get a deal and compare it to a ‘full price new’ car and act like its the best thing since sliced bread

Even better why don’t you just purchase an off lease for half the cost of msrp and drive it until the wheels fall off. You will sure get your money worth… didn’t think you would do that, since you have requirements also

You know a loaner could save you, in some scenarios, up to 200 a month. So if you want to spend another 7.2k in a lease for something that has 1k less miles, be my guest. Hell, why don’t you pay extra so that the car you pick has 3 miles versus 17 miles on the odometer.