Speed limits - FL

Does anyone know the rule of thumb with speed limits in FL?
I’m used to the rule “posted speed limit +10mph” in North East as way not to get into possible troubles.
But while in FL now, driving on I-95 where posted speed limit is 70mph and going on cruise 79mph, I’m being passed left and right what seems 90mph as a going rate for the left lane.
What’s up with that?:flushed:
Any other places like that in US?

you can safely do triple digits then.


I’m in a Ford Expedition. Don’t feel safe doing triple digits in it😂


People dont seem to care much out here. :rofl:

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Zero to felony real quick


I went to college with a bunch of guys from south Florida and without fail they all drove like this. At least until they learned the hard way that 20 over is a misdemeanor reckless in Virginia.

I-95 is nuts down there. And I learned to drive in Boston, so I’m not some polite Midwestern driver.


I had the same experience driving to Miami, you can go 85 with no troubles

Houston autobahn. With my dad I stick to 9 over - else 14 in PA. Tbf, cops don’t have radar, only laser speed traps hold up in court. If you know the places they can setup, doesn’t even matter.

That rule of thumb still applies, in my experience. The enforcement may not be as strict as NE but its there and of course YMMV. Its a matter of luck.

I learned in CT, so I had all the NY, NJ, and MA drivers around me. I am shocked how easily you can merge onto a highway in the Midwest and how slow people drive around here. If the speed limit is 55, then 50 is the average pace on the road. Makes my Northeast blood boil.

New Jersey. Highway is always packed but everyone is going 80+ so it moves.


Ahh, yes. Welcome to my home state, Florida. Please enjoy the freedom, and your stay :blush:


I average 70 mph on NSP with a 55 limit, I’m never in front of the pack :joy: but follow the left lane flow

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Loaded up again, heh? Hauling a fridge? lol


Why everyone in Florida speeds:

Yeah, 20 over in Northeast is rare, while down here seems to be a normal practice.

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No fridge. But a lot easier to load and have a long road trip. Just basics - suitcase of clothe, suitcase of crap, 3 kids suits cases with their toys, box of 3 scooters and gear with them. Tennis racquets and balls, double stroller… not ever sure what else😂

70 in 55 I’ve seen. But 90+ in 70mph isn’t as common in NE as it is FL😂


Cops in Southeast Florida won’t pull you over unless you crash or hit someone it seems. Southwest Florida and the north def will pull you over for speeding.

Southeast is a 3rd world country when it comes to driving. Cars are uninspected, tires wobbling, going 120 on the shoulder during rush hour traffic. At first I was upset about my insurance rates going up 50% here, but I get it now…


Interesting, in Virginia 20 over is a misdemeanor and often pretty stuff penalities. In Florida 50 over is treated much less seriously th first time.

I’d agree with the traffic flow there is 80mph+. I had a gold PBA card for a few years (NJ folks know) but eventually stopped getting new ones every year from the state trooper wife knows since you have to be driving pretty fast in NJ to get pulled over.

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Same thing in the PNW.

But Metro Detroit never got the memo about the careful Midwest driving lol. Complete maniacs there.

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