Special Order Question

Hey guys - any experience special ordering a specific model with accessories from the manufacturer through a dealer? I’ve basically got negotiations down to about $500 under invoice. Problem is, I need about $3k of accessories installed (towing, rear entertainment, roof racks, remote start, few other items). NONE of the dealers around me have the acessories (major ones being the towing and rear entertainment system) both installed - and if I’d like those as dealer accessories, I cannot “residualize” those - so I end up paying for that full $2-3k extra over the course of the 36 month lease, which I’m not a fan of. SO - my thought is why not have them factory order the car I desire?

Which car? On some cars, some of the accessories you mentioned remain dealer-installed options even if you can “build” it to your spec online on their website.

I guess it depends on the math… (A) discount off the lot + pay full for accessories, vs (B) lower discount but residualized options

Depending on the vehicle, those accessories might retain their value to some extent if you buy it (either now or at lease end).

@max_g can you lock in a lease price on a car that is factory-ordered?

Yes. When you special order, you lock in incentives at time of order.

That’s not what I’ve always heard.

See here. Someone ordered in March for May delivery and (wisely) got the Mar incentives

I’ve only heard of BMW allowing locking in incentives/rates. Do any other manufacturers also allow this?

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Volvo didn’t let me, but it was long time ago.

Can I take advantage of current lease and finance incentives?

Volvo will allow you to lock certain lease and finance rates when you order the vehicle, and you will also be eligible to take advantage of special offers available at the time the vehicle is delivered.

And how do you know that? Have you actually leased an ordered Volvo? I did and I they did not lock anything. They give what’s available at delivery time.
*It may be different now, but do you know that for a fact?

The above was quoted from a random internet post. May only be 100% right 60% of the time.

So special ordering a Volvo is sight unseen? No guarantees on price, lease rate or incentives? Just pay whatever is the prevailing rate at delivery time? wow — I guess I won’t be special ordering my 399 a month S90 T6 AWD inscription :slight_smile:

That’s how it was for me. You only have negotiated sale price. Everything else as of delivery date. It wasn’t bad then - I got 72% RV on 24 month 2007 XC90

Looks like the 2018 S60 CC is only available by special order/overseas delivery lol…

No one wants it, but you :slight_smile:

Why do I always get stuck with these one of a kind cars? Vovlo S60 Cross Country, not imported anymore. Ram 1500 Ecodiesel, not made anymore…

Collector’s items LOL

You can lock in rebates but you cannot lock in MF or residual.

The captive might work with you but 3rd party wouldn’t even consider it.

@christine too

Depends on the brand. E.g., BMW allows you to lock in programs up to 60 days (90 days on west coast), IIRC. Or you can choose the current programs at delivery if they are better. No cherry picking on rebates, MF, RV, etc. You can pick either program in its entirety.

seems like it would make it difficult to negotiate… thanks guys!

Not really - it’s a quick sale for the stores.

Any store that argues "it’s a custom’ order, aren’t serious.

What’s the brand?