Some models I'm looking at - what is worth leasing from this list?

Also, talk to Niello, they had very strong incentives to sell out 2017s

Yeah $10K off on 2017 models, but apparently you can do even better than that, $12K I’ve seen mentioned.

now I feel bad at getting only 9K off :frowning: on my 2018

Yep, they were 24 months in Texas too until end of April, now are 36. Check the RV for this month and see if it’s actually changed or if Alfa are trying to stagger their lease deals. There’s still a lot of 2017 Giulias out there so plenty of bargaining possible.

Called BMW to see if I can extend my current lease for another year (I’d keep the car for another year even at my current payments because I like it and it would be covered by warranty and service). Sure, anything is possible if you’re willing to pay for it … over $1800/mo.!! I thought I was quoted for the entire year + my existing MSDs or something. But no, it is per month! System clearly designed to push you into a new car lease.
It makes no sense, current RV on my car is $31K, was told the RV would drop to $12K in a year.

BMWFS allows to extend for several months at the same current monthly. Ask for that instead of an entire year extension.

yeah…I think 6 months is feasible.

I was told they can extend for 2 months at the current rate no questions asked. For 6 mo. I need to have an order number for a new BMW. 2 months is just not worth it, I’d have to pay registration for the entire year and registration went up in CA.

Anoter test-drive update:

Mazda6 - the new 2108 model GT Reserve with the turbo engine. Pretty nice, though typical for a FWD with too much power. Car also feels fairly long – are all sedans limos these days? No incentives on them, so it’s off my list.

Mazda CX-5 - I like its looks and interior though the engine feels a bit underpowered. I wish it had the turbo like the Mazda6, it would probably be pretty perfect. Perhaps it’s coming next year.

Hyundai SantaFe Sport 2.0t Ultimate - I liked this one, engine feels pretty good. Under consideration if I can get a good deal on one.

Hyundai Elantra Sport turbo - surprisingly nice, plenty of power from a 1.6l turbo. Suspension is too sporty and bouncy. I guess they are going after the Civic Si or similar.

Lexus NX300 - looks nice inside, but was not a fan of the handling, suspension in particular, though steering is not as soft as I remember it from the past (and better feeling than Infiniti). Expensive. I never liked Toyota, and this one won’t change my opinion.

Chevy Volt - interesting car, but not sure I want to deal with the charging at this time. Also backseat room is kinda small, though perhaps enough for now with 2 small kids.

Drove the Jaguar XE and F-Pace, both diesel to compare against my current 328d. Disappointed by both, jerky engine/transmission feel and bumpy ride. The thing that I found weird right away is the size of the steering wheel, found it to be too big. I guess that’s Jaguar’s signature? The quality of the interior had a semi-cheap feel to it, very surprising for the F-Pace in particular with its $53K asking price.

And out of nowhere here comes the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Limited. I didn’t even know it existed until I noticed one on the dealer’s lot and started looking at it. Took it for a test drive and it’s not a bad car at all. Hard to beat its 55mpg! You can tell they cut some corners in the materials used inside, but then again it’s not a luxury car. I’m just not sure it’s worth its $28K asking price.

Have you driven the accord 2.0T?

Have not. It looks too long to me, more of a limo. I owned an Accord a few years ago and it was the perfect size, until they started making them bigger and bigger. I think the Civic size is more like it these days.

All-new Santa Fe will be out in a month or two so the current Santa Fe Sports in stock should have great discounts. By the way have you driven the Alfa Stelvio yet? It is by far the most car like SUV I have ever driven and looks like the deals are getting better every month…

Oh yes, I have driven the Stelvio. Nice car … if doesn’t break down on you :slight_smile: I may try to work a deal on one, though for a nicer trim the price/lease are kinda high.

To bring this thread to a close, finally signed a lease on a loaner 430i Gran Coupe:

It was much easier to deal locally and with the loyalty, waived lease termination and waived charges on my current lease, it made financial sense too. Not the best possible deal but I’m happy with it and with the car. That’s all that matters.

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