Some models I'm looking at - what is worth leasing from this list?

I picked up a 10k lease on a 44.5k msrp giulia TI for 430/m with 0 down. Base and sport have higher residuals so payment maybe a few $$ less. but these are doable in $400 range

Also, XE seems to have really low advertized leases in socal, fyi

@boozinix, helpful info. Thank you!

Let me know if u need any other info. I love my Giulia, but if u wanted to save a little more, try considering an XE, it should be a bit better priced.

@cheapdad00 Maybe the Mini was electric and they just poured oil on the batteries? :slight_smile:

Hmm, I don’t see any 2-yr lease specials on Alfas. Do you have to ask for them?

The XE diesel is interesting as I’m coming from a 328d. There’s a $1500 premium for the diesel engine, not sure if I can negotiate it out.
What % off MSRP should I expect to get on an XE without spending days at the dealer? I’m looking for an excellent deal but it doesn’t have to be the absolute best, unheard of.

I drove some cars today, if anyone following this thread is interested in sort of a drive report …

BMW X2 and X1: the xDrive drives like a BMW. The sDrive (FWD) on the other hand drives like FWD, push them a bit in a corner and they are all over the place. What happened to BMW that they crossed to the dark side of FWD?!
I like the looks of the X2 better than the X1, but the supply is low and no good deals on them. X1 on the other hand, the local dealer seems to be swimming in them and offering $6K off MSRP, but typically you want a % off MSRP not a fixed amount, correct?

Nissan Rogue Sport: didn’t like the soft steering and it felt underpowered.

Infiniti Q50 and QX50: soft steering again, even in sport mode, but otherwise impressive cars. Very luxurious inside, good materials. If you like luxury, take a hard look at Infiniti. I’d consider the QX50, but no good deals because the model is new. The Q50 on the other hand I understand can be had at some attractive lease prices. The sales guy was an a$$, almost didn’t want to let me drive the cars, he went on and on how great the Infiniti cars are, how people are lining up to buy them and people just pay, they don’t look to save a few $$, if i don’t like his prices I should go back to BMW to get ripped off. What a tool! If I go back there I will ask to not deal with him again.

Kia Stinger and Optima Turbo: never driven one before so I was curious. Kia has come a long way, the Stinger is nice, it feels like a sports car. The Optima too, not bad at all. But ah, the interior … they sourced the cheapest materials they could possibly get their hands on! Total opposite of Infiniti. Now I’m not looking for top of the line luxury but also not the bottom either.

Funny, I thought Kia interior is much better than Q50. Even my 2014 Optima has better everything than Q50. It’s just way dated.

@wheelz, I appreciate the drive report. Good work! I live in the Philly area, and car dealerships are inexplicably closed on Sundays in PA, NJ, and DE. It makes the process that much more difficult!

That hurts man, I did most of my driving on sunday too. I drove the Stinger GT and didnt realize how quickly I had hit 0-80mph. Above 300bhp at <$40k price is impressive. But the lease pricing I looked was really bad. No deep discounts etc.

Dealer seems to have plenty of X1 inventory. Is $6000 off $46K MSRP reasonable (X1 w/ M package)? Or what should I be shooting for either amount or % off MSRP?

Not sure whether I can stack the $1K loyalty (coming off a 328d lease) on top of the $6K. Dealer of course will probably say no, of course, but is it reasonable to push for it?

And of course $0 down and max MSD.

I think you should push for it. The dealer gave the $6000 discount separate and apart from loyalty. Of course, he’ll probably say “no,” but I bet you can get him to relent.

@wheelz please tell me you’re under 25 years old, then you being “picky” is understandable. If not then you gotta get over it. If you want a “deal” then you will have to make some sacrifices. If the car and how it drives is THAT important to you, then you have to be willing to pay for it. To write off a Q50 over “soft steering” when everything else incl the price is attractive to you then that seems silly to me when all you do is rent the thing for a few years from the leasing company.


I agree on the Rogue felt way underpowered to me.

@305Hackr Under 25 yes, 20 yrs ago! I’m used to BMW 3-series and Acura TL with their stiff steering. I also learned how to drive on a stick, so … It just surprised me the Q50 was so soft even when you set the steering to Sport mode (honestly, I don’t think normal/comfort vs sport steering setting made any difference).
Q50 is definitely a nice car. I’m just not decided between sedan or small SUV. The QX50 with a nice deal on the other hand …

sounds to me that a BMW would make the most sense for you. I know you want to switch it up but you’ve gotten used to the “sporty” steering, you like how it drives and you are eligible for incentives etc. None of the sedans on your list will give you the BMW feel. Why don’t you look at a 4 series loaner, they can be had in your $400 price range.

All Giulias are being advertised as 24month leases. Where are you looking at? and where are you located?

Looking here:
NorCali, both Giulia and Stelvio show up as 36 mo. for my zip.

Interesting, 2 weeks ago it was all 24m. Anyways, I got mine from Glendale, worth a look: