Some advice on this loaner BMW 440 deal please

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Hey guys so I’m new to leasing please any advice would help

So I just left the dealership took a look at a BMW 440Xi loaner, M sport package, 4300 miles.

MSRP $60,635
Selling price $52,394
RV 56%
MF 0.00188
$490 monthly payments
Total due at signing $4307
Total available rebates $6000

I was trying to be pretty aggressive at the dealership but does anyone think there’s any more room to go down on this lease

Any advice would help

Post a calculator link

Not a big enough discount for a loaner.

What type of discount should I be looking for

If you read more on the forums, I think you’ll find your goal should be 20% off.

Personally, I’d try for 20% and settle at 18 if it is the car I really want. Put your up front money toward MSDs. For a $60k car, I’d probably be happy with the following, although, of course, try like hell for even better:

For some reason this sales person told me they don’t do MSDs there. I’m not sure if this is true, the dealership is in New York.

My issue is I kept telling him I feel like you are pricing this as a brand new car and it’s a loaner with 4K miles on it

NY doesn’t do MSDs. As far as the pricing, it depends on the dealer how much they discount a loaner.

Sorry. Right. No MSDs in NY.

Google “car leases” There is a lot of information that you should know before you go into this.

@will_driver are you just trolling? Sure seems like it. Because you have added absolutely nothing to the discussion.


Gonna agree with @conanohasselhof here. The things we generally refer people to google for are RV/MF/incentives that can easily be found on Edmunds.

As far as general negotiation tactics and things like MSDs, those are all viable questions on leasehackr. On the other hand, if you search on google it might bring people back to a leasehackr post, so using the search function is always a good idea as well.

How is it adding nothing to say that he should read comprehensive well-thought out articles on leasing before he makes a decision regarding, his finances, his credit, etc., instead of solely relying on the information of anonymous strangers in a forum. For all we know you are 12 years old, or 50 with horrible credit, no retirement account or poor finances.

I merely advised him to seek more reliable sources before making a decision that could impact his finances & credit for life. I think that if you understood that well enough to give financial advice, you would already know that.

You think he should trust you, or me, over a financial advisor whose credentials can be verified and reviews read.

I add nothing? You add less.

So why are you on this forum? Just google everything instead of posting or asking anything on here.


OMG. What are you people. I am on the forum to give and get information. Some things are perfect for forums - experiences people have had with FAIR, working in the rideshare industry, etc.

Making serious financial decisions should not be made based solely on the advise of strangers in a forum. Again, if you don’t understand that - then you are not a person who he should rely on to make serious financial decisions. People’s financial decisions can impact their entire lives. A bad credit rating keeps you from being able to get more credit - that effects, jobs, housing, etc. Some people struggle under debt from their college years their whole lives.

WHY AM I HERE - to tell people to not listen to IDIOT strangers when it comes to big impactful decisions. Why you are offended by that - I don’t know.

You may be misunderstanding the purpose of this forum.


And whatever the purpose of the forum is - it is inappropriate to say “Hey buddy, before you sign a contract - did a little deeper?”

You are in the wrong forum for this kind of talk. This is a forum for car leasing. We evaluate car lease deals. This is NOT a forum for financial advice. Everyone leasing a car is a consenting adult. Whether you make 20k a year or 500k is irrelevant. If you feel like you should be giving financial advice to people (or just randomly referring people to google and calling it advice), go find a forum for financial advice where people are actually looking for it.

I’m not sure how you think you’re helping anyone by giving advice they didn’t ask for. The OP wants to lease a BMW and has questions, and they are being addressed. He didn’t ask for mommy or daddy to justify leasing a car. You have NO CLUE what financial situation the OP is in.

You have 30 minutes of read time here, and so far you have shown zero insight on leasing cars, so keep it on topic and help the OP and keep your financial advice to yourself.

Edit: the one time people give financial advice here are when we see lessees rolling negative equity into deals over and over again which relate to, you guessed it - car leases!

Mods feel free to dump these replies to the landfill as they are way off topic.


I add less? Really? You suggest googling something and call that productive? Go back through my posts, there are hundreds if not thousands. Just for starters I was the one fixed michael’s initial lease calculation formula when the site was first started. Go back in your cave troll.